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Foxes remained without a cup

the Samara basketball club of female superleague VBM - SGAU for the first time in history became the winner of the Russian championship. In last match final to three victories plej - off the championship volzhanki on the platform have changed Ekaterinburg UGMK with account 67 - 66. The total account of a series 3 - 0 in favour of the Samara command, and the Ekaterinburg club has lost the last year`s champion`s title. The yesterday`s match has put end under opposition between these two clubs which was developed not only on athletic fields, but also in offices of officials.
the Russian basketball season 2003 - 2004 was marked by opposition of leading Russian clubs - Samara VBM - SGAU and Ekaterinburg UGMK. And struggle between clubs was conducted not only on a basketball platform, but also in offices of federation and power structures. As already informed , in the end of the last year Ekaterinburg UGMK DeLishe Milton has issued American legionerke the Russian citizenship then has declared it in the Russian championship as the Russian. (In a superleague there is a restriction on quantity of legionaries - .) Samara VBM - SGAU initiated check of authenticity of the passport of the American, having found out that for registration of the Russian citizenship the madam Milton did not submit the statement and, accordingly, the passport has been given out it illegally.
as to the sports party of opposition clubs have finished the regular championship with an identical parity of victories and defeats - 18 against 2. Only at the expense of the best indicator in games between leaders UGMK has won first place and has got advantage of the platform at all stages plej - off.
the Ekaterinburg and Samara clubs have passed Quarterfinals and semi-finals equally easily, without visible efforts having overcome the contenders with account 2 - 0: UGMK - Moscow the Dynamo and sankt - Petersburg the Baltic star and VBM - SGAU - Vologda Vologda - Chevakatu and Novosibirsk the Dynamo .
a Final series has begun the same as also all rivalry in this season - with scandal. The Ekaterinburg club, spending first two game of the ending on the platform, has lost the first game with account 76 - 88 and has submitted the protest on refereeing.
the second game which has passed past Saturday, also has terminated in a victory of the Samara club with account 67 - 65. And in this game at mistresses concerning refereeing of questions has not arisen any more. As general director UGMK Andrey Kozitsyn, " has declared to the correspondent ; yes, I the fan and me am bitter and is insulting that we have lost. If in the first game not absolutely objectively judged judges in the second game, from my point of view, to judges of claims is not present .
Thus, the destiny of a title could dare already in a yesterday`s match of these commands. Also has dared - not in favour of the Ekaterinburg basketball players who have lost a match with account 67 - 66.
we Will note, yesterday`s game became benefit performance of the Australian beginner of the Ekaterinburg club Lorain Jackson, which two successively trehochkovymi throws povergla in shock of fans. For five minutes till the end of last ten-minute the separation volzhanok made only two points. Then for the sake of what look basketball has begun: hard-fought battle under both boards, interceptions, a time - misses and emotions of trainers. And also brilliant game of leaders of commands. In the Samara club it has appeared basktbolistka which could finish the command to the first place on a podium is Maria Stepanova. Two successively selection, two points a throw with resistance. All it within 10 seconds. And, when for five and a half seconds up to the end Tameka Jackson has picked up a ball in the middle of a platform and, having slipped trehochkovuju a line, left under a ring of the Samara command and has thrown a ball, the hall has roared. On winning back last third point remaining from advantage VBM - SGAU, at visitors of time any more does not remain. A meeting result: 67 - 66 in favour of the Samara command and 3 - 0 following the results of a series and the first champion title in a short history of a command.