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Iraqis have found guilty

And senators of the USA while there are no

Yesterday hardly probable not all American newspapers have published on the front page tragical news: insurgents in Iraq have decapitated the hostage - the American. The videorecording of a bloody scene placed on Islamic Internet - a site, has shaken all Western world. Insurgents have declared that have made it in revenge for tortures of Iraqis by the American soldiers. This event has aggravated political scandal in the USA, continuing to inflame as all new details round mass cases of mockeries at prisoners of war in prison Abu - Grejb in Bagdad emerge. With details - DMITRY - SIDOROV, the staff reporter in Washington.

Iraqis have answered tortures
the American businessman Nicolas Berg from Philadelphia was gone in Iraq in the middle of April. Its decapitated body was revealed in Bagdad on Saturday. As it was found out, the Iraq insurgents have removed its execution on video and have laid out shots with punishment over the American on one of the Internet - sites of Islamites. Thus they have made the protest against universal demonstration of pictures on which Americans scoff at the Iraq captives in prison Abu - Grejb. Yesterday broadcasting companies “ Al - Arabija “ and “ Al - Dzhazira “ have shown a record part (first of all preparations for murder), having interrupted it on that place where execution begins. According to some information, the throat to the American was cut with Abu Mussab az - Zarkaui whom the USA name the leader “ Al - Kaidy “ in Iraq.
barbarous murder of the American contract employee has caused shock not only in the West, but also in many Iraqis. The American authorities meanwhile have declined all responsibility yesterday for its  destruction, having declared that Nicolas Berg warned about danger to which it subjects itself(himself) in Iraq, and advised to leave, but that has refused. However this event has even more aggravated political crisis in the USA, caused by scandal round tortures in Abu - Grejb.

Senators want to know about tortures all
After Minister of Defence Donald Ramsfeld at the hearings spent in committee of the senate of the USA on armed forces, the general - major Antonio Taguba who has headed the commission of the Pentagon on investigation of the come to light facts has acted. “ an obvious and senseless sadism “ - so general Taguba has characterised in the report to the senate of action of the American military men. Together with it before senators deputy ministers of defence of the USA on investigation Stephen Kambon and the general - lieutenant Lens Smith, zamglavy the central command of armed forces of the USA have appeared. (We will remind that last week senators with predilection have interrogated the head of the Pentagon Donald Ramsfeld and the chief of incorporated committee of chiefs of staffs of general Richard Myers.)
The day before the senate of the USA has unanimously accepted the resolution #536 condemning mockeries of the American military men over prisoners in prison Abu - Grejb. Its discussion has occupied from senators very little, on kapitolijskim to measures, time - hardly more than two and a half hours. Despite appeals of representatives both republican, and democratic parties not to politize a problem, the senator - democrat Edward Kennedy, the instructor of the candidate in John Kerri`s US presidents, has demanded creation of the independent commission on investigation of the facts of mockeries at military men - not only in Iraq, but also in Afghanistan and on the basis of the USA in Guantanamo where captured Talibs contain. “ the country leaders did not pay attention to these problems since 2002 when the first data about tortures has been received from Afghanistan “ - he has declared.
In turn, the senator - republican Lindsi Grem has supported the legend of publicity of new videos - and the documentary photographs confirming the facts of tortures over Iraq captured. “ these materials will result us in a state of shock, - senator Grem has told. - However it is necessary for us to give their publicity “. While the Pentagon has resolved to senators - to committee-men on armed forces to consider photos and video behind the closed doors. Whether

Donald Ramsfeld
Many in Washington is guilty lay the basic blame for happened on Donald Ramsfeld. During senatorial hearings on Tuesday it became known that the candidate for US presidents from democratic party John Kerri declared the beginning of campaign for petition for resignation of the Minister of Defence. Mister Ramsfeld accuse not so much that under its management in the American army tortures and mockeries at prisoners, how many that he tried to hide it became possible. Mister Ramsfeld answers it that the facts of mockeries became known thanks to the investigation spent by the Pentagon. Also lets know that agree to retire, but only in the event that will feel that scandal round it casts a shade on all administration.
the committee-man on armed forces of the senate of the USA republican John McCain has told that considers resignation of the Minister of Defence of the USA premature. “ we up to the end do not know all facts which have led to a situation in Abu - Grejb and other prisons where prisoners of war contain, - he has told. - I consider happened as a system failure. To us it is necessary accurately and to understand quickly how it could occur “. Against Donald Ramsfeld`s resignation the vice-president of senatorial committee democrat Charles Levin expresses also. He has declared on Sunday in the program “ the Meeting with the press “ That Donald Ramsfeld`s resignation hardly will cause necessary course changes of administration of the White house.
the opinion of senators as a whole reflects moods in a society. According to last poll spent by company Zogby International, 69 % of Americans consider that Donald Ramsfeld should keep the post, and only 20 % are assured that it should leave. The same poll has shown that 48 % of Americans approve reaction of the US president to scandal round actions of the American military men and only 35 % adhere to the opposite point of view.
at the same time, judging by the numerous polls, new scandal nevertheless has struck blow to the rating of the president which has decreased on some points (yesterday`s number see). For certain unpleasant news to George Bush was also that the president of company Zogby International John Zogbi has predicted to it defeat on the future presidential election in November. After all usually forecasts of mister Zogbi come true. It, for example, has predicted Bill Clinton victory on elections in 1996.

whipping boys
Senators - democrats suspect the colleagues - republicans that they will try to shift fault for tortures from the Pentagon top management on separate military men. “ do not do of soldiers of whipping boys “ - the leitmotif of performances of democrats at hearings was that. “ collars on prisoners, their persecution by dogs, a photo - and the video documents confirming these facts, not could to undertake unexpectedly from air, - Charles Levin has declared. Are there were attempts to receive the information from prisoners, applying violence. They have been planned not by ordinary soldiers, and offered by someone to another “. Senators Levin and Kennedy consider that “ to work methods “ with prisoners of war of soldiers employees of military investigation learnt. It was confirmed also with general Taguba, according to which report military scouts told to soldiers of military police how to make prisoners “ more talkative “.
Senator Edward Kennedy has started to try to find out, whether mister Ramsfeld of the relation to working out of tactics of interrogations of prisoners in Iraq had. The deputy minister of defence on investigation Stephen Kambon has told on this firm “ is not present “. Generals participating in hearings unanimously have assured senators that for all system errors which have led to scandal, bears responsibility exclusively management of the brigade which are responsible for prison Abu - Grejb.
the Majority of ordinary Americans too blame in all the heads. According to the mentioned poll spent Zogby International, 54 % of respondents consider that for the happened the high-ranking officers should incur punishment, and only 31 % believe that for incidents in prisons of Iraq the soldiers directly taking in their part should answer.
anyway, but the first before court the soldier will appear. On May, 19th in Bagdad the American military court will begin hearings on business 24 - the summer contract employee of military police Jeremiah Sivittsa who has with own hand made many of those photos, which steels are accessible to world community last week.