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Hockey players have grouped on - football

the toss-up

has taken place Yesterday a toss-up of a following hockey World championship which will pass from April, 30th till May, 15th, 2004 in Vienna and Innsbruck. Russian national team has carried with contenders hardly more than on superiority in Czechia. Anyway, at the second stage in struggle for an exit in play - off it is not necessary to Russians any more as in Ostrava, to struggle at once with four elite national teams. But to it it will be difficult in a starting round.
a toss-up of the Austrian championship in Innsbruck - event, it is possible to tell, historical. Before participants of superiority were distributed on groups automatically, depending on the places occupied on the previous tournament: the first command got to group with the fifth, the ninth and the thirteenth, the second - with the sixth, the tenth and the fourteenth and etc. the International federation of hockey (IIHF) has decided to make Now groups on the sample accepted in football - that is preliminary breaking national teams on Baskets on four participants in everyone, and then by a blind toss-up uniting them in subgroups. Breakdown on baskets will occur henceforth according to a rating of commands which for the first time began to count up in last season. In it their results on two main tournaments IIHF - the World championships and the Olympic Games - for last four years are considered.
after two failure world championships for it - Finnish (there we have taken off in 1/ 4 endings) and Czech (to play - off we have not reached at all) - Russia has fallen to classifications on the seventh place. Hence, initially in Innsbruck neighbours in the second " could not get to it; to a basket - Germany, the USA and Finland. That variant of a lot which as a result has dropped out to Russians, it is possible to consider as one of the worst. From the first baskets Slovaks have got to group A (its matches will pass in Vienna) with Russia, from the third - owners of tournament the Austrians (on the last superiority they, having made a drawn game with champions Canadians, left in the second stage and applied for hit in play - off), from the fourth - the Byelorussians who have come back to an elite battalion with whom our national team traditionally plays hard taken the fourth place in Czechia. In the following round - the championship formula remained invariable - leave on three commands group.
but at the second stage to Russians it should be easier. In group D, with which unites ours, from favourites Czechs will act only. Neither Germany, nor Switzerland, Kazakhstan to the strongest in the world you will not carry. In Czechia, we will remind, Russians had to combat for an exit in play - off (as a result lost) at once four leading commands of the world - Sweden, Finland, Slovakia and the USA.