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Konstantin Tszju has got on a label

power drinks of group OST
the food-processing industry

Yesterday group of the enterprises OST declared the beginning of release of nonalcoholic power drinks under trade mark Tszyu belonging to the absolute world champion on boxing in a light-middleweight weight category to Konstantin Tszju. Despite popularity of mister Tszju, analytics have concerned the project sceptically - practice shows that the marks based on names of celebrities, no means always are in demand.
sports and power drinks occupy only 1 % of the market of soft drinks (about $1,5 million a year). However it is one of the most dynamical markets - for last year its volume has grown almost in 20 times. According to agency Business - Analytics Company Red Devil International (28,6 %) was the leader on sales of power drinks in Moscow and St.-Petersburg in the fourth quarter 2003, the second place at mark Adrenaline Rush of company South Beach Beverage Co (22,3 %), the third place brands Coca - Cola Powerade and Burn (occupy 12,3 %).
Under mark Tszyu group OST (trade marks Capital a series of drinks from Chernogolovki) will let out toning up soft drinks. Till the end of 2004 it is planned to let out to 3 million banok. Financial terms of transaction are not disclosed. According to the general director of group of Elena Sorokinoj it is known only that on conditions of the agreement the company will deduct to the boxer the certain size of a royalty, contract term will make till ten years. Drinks will extend first of all in Russia and Australia where Konstantin Tszju constantly lives last years and is extraordinary popular. The boxer is assured of success of the drink in territory of Australia. I think that any problems there to start this drink, will not be - he has declared yesterday.
Experts do not divide optimism of mister Tszju. In their opinion, despite a number of successful examples (see the inquiry), the known name does not guarantee popularity of a product. chips ` Alla Pugacheva `, vodka and canned food from Vladimir Vinokura, despite rather known names, popular did not become, - Andrey Stas, the chairman of board of directors of the company a2z Marketing speaks. - In the West, by the way, comes to to nobody mind to name whisky ` Sean About ` Connery ` .
Such marks do not get accustomed because manufacturers count all time on carrying over of merits from the star involved in marketing on a product. Also are mistaken - in practice of it does not occur - Michael Dymshits, the general director of the consulting company " considers; Dymshits and partners . In similar cases, according to experts in marketing, very important precisely to count, whether the star is attractive to product target audience. After all there is no guarantee that at potential consumers of a drink the image of Konstantin Tszju associates with a healthy way of life and something as a whole positive, and, for example, not with violence.
Besides, experts notice that now popularity of a drink directly depends on sports successes of mister Tszju. Juice ` the Champion ` in the advertising actively used an image of fighter Alexander Karelin, - the chief executive brendingovogo tells agencies Mildberry Vadim Zhuravlyov. - however after defeat has been compelled to clean it from a label .