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you as choose regions?
Evgenie Kabanov, the general director of the company the WORLD:
- Proceeding from market capacity, its perspectivity and the average level of incomes of the population. As a rule, first of all we consider cities - millionniki. Important value at a city choice also has possibility of construction of logistical chains.

Andrey Slivchenko, the director for the corporate finance and relations with investors of Open Society the Chemist`s network 36,6 :
- leadership will depend On successful or unsuccessful development in regions the next five years on a retail commodity market for appearance and health. For us, certainly, the capacity and market potential are defining. Therefore in the aspiration to St.-Petersburg, Samara, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don and other cities - millionniki we are similar with large ritejlerami from other sectors roznitsy. Thus the potential of these markets is characterised much bigger in comparison with Moscow rates of increase both the consumer market as a whole, and a commodity market for appearance and health in particular. However region to region rozn. For example, at network purchase in Ufa we were guided also by consumer ability of the population, and degree of a fragmentariness of the market, and total profitableness in a segment, both a competition, and degree of development of the market of real estate. All it, finally, forms an individual approach to a choice of region and exit tactics on the market.

Alexey Osadchy, the general director of a network the Fragrant world :
- the Formalized algorithm is not present. We proceed in a choice, in particular, from a condition of the alcoholic market in region. Besides, as outside of Moscow and St.-Petersburg we develop on a franchise, whether there are we to this or that region, depends, in particular, on presence of demands therefrom. The nominee franchajzi is very important, it even is more important than consumer ability of the population. In - the first, it should be able invest in start of the project of $50 - 100 thousand In - the second, to be capable to put business effectively. We will admit, if we did not have so strong partner, we would not open two shops in such depressive region, as the Ivanovo area.

Michael Kuchment, the director for marketing and company sales M.Video :
- it is unconditional, at a choice of regions for development of a network we consider many factors - number and solvency of the population, volume of the market and many other things. Taking into account that we leave in regions with a format of hypermarkets and we plan that the sales volume should make about $15 million, us regions where the volume of the market of home appliances exceeds $60 million great interest interest first of all represent cities where there is a possibility to create a network. Thus we are guided not only by cities - millionniki. For example, we intend to open shop in Krasnodar, where about 700 thousand inhabitants, but thus very big market capacity. Presence of competitors at this or that region of great value for us has no - a rigid competition in the regional markets while is not present.

Angelina Long, the vice-president on development of a group of companies Victoria (Kaliningrad):
- By two criteria. In - the first, on market capacity. Here it is important not so much as the market is great, whether how many there is there an empty seat, whether in this or that region formats (" will be claimed; neighbour`s shop and a supermarket) with which we leave, or not. In - the second, on a competition: whether there are competitors where they, are how much strong and etc. To Moscow we, for example, have come because in 2002 by these criteria the city was excellent: a competition among neighbour`s shops was not. On the basis of these criteria we have made own rating of appeal of regions. Its leaders - Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Samara.

Simeon Slutsky, the assistant to the general director of the company Moscow March :
- the Main criteria two. In - the first, it there should be a big city. In - the second, a good site. To receive simply the earth it is uninteresting, it should be also is commercially attractive: a minimum of 5 hectares, on a large highway, with good transport availability and the big residential zone - we after all advance projects not regional, but district value. On - to mine, any ritejler to some extent should be guided by these criteria: the size of the market and a place - differently a shot will be single.
still I would add the competitive environment and level of incomes of people. Simply the big population us does not interest. Buyers are interesting. And in our case it is a part receiving not less of $250 - 300 on the person in a month.