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As the rating

Each region was considered was estimated on four basic indicators: number of economically active population, srednedushevoj the income, living wage size, a turn of retail trade per capita. Thus two of these indicators are recognised by positive for trade development: population defines potential volume of the market, from srednedushevogo the income solvent demand depends. The relation of these indicators to two another also defines appeal of region. For example, the more the relation srednedushevogo the income to a living wage, the above probability of good sales of expensive goods and potential for assortment expansion. Or the more the relation of incomes to a turn of retail trade per capita, the above a backlog demand. Actually the rating represents the relation where in numerator there is a population and income product in the third degree (this indicator is recognised by experts the most significant), and in a denominator - product of a living wage and a turn of retail trade. The received result for convenience is divided on 1000.