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Direct speech

That you would change in the government?
Alexander Shokhin, the trustee of bureau RSPP:
- It is necessary to deduce supervising bodies from submission of the ministries, and related to unite and place under the authority of the government. Nadzory, - antimonopoly committee and service on the financial markets, - it would be necessary to integrate governments already being in conducting, having attached to them accordingly service under tariffs and insurance supervision. Now some agencies have no real functions and while they to themselves have not thought up them, they should be integrated or connected to others. And some functions to give autsorsingovym to the companies.

Gennady Seleznev, the deputy of the State Duma:
- At first I would forbid the government to be engaged in the Right-wing liberal rhetoric. The people have voted against right, and the government behaves so as if consists of Union of Right Forces and the Apple . And necessarily I would create the ministry of struggle against poverty and poverty which would bear full responsibility for program performance on a conclusion of the country from poverty.

Evgenie Bernshtam, the first vice-president of financial corporation NIKojl :
- I of more attention would give re-structurings of branches of economy that the group enterprises " developed; And and . And I would not began to change structure especially.

Margarita Barzhanova, a member of presidium of the organisation Business Russia the deputy of the State Duma:
- would strengthen the department which is responsible for information, and hardly has slowed down rates of reform. This structure - from the future when at the head of the ministries there should be political figures, and ministers while those are not. Under technical problems ministers have not enough device and functions, they will duplicate services and agencies.

Vladimir Isakov, the vice-president Trading - industrial chamber:
- Administrative reform of such prompt reorganisation did not demand, and that is made, crudely. But to come back to old - it is wrong. It all the same that after crisis the second time to break incorrectly accrete bones. Now it is necessary is thin to adjust new structure, and that in general the incapacitated device will be.

Vyacheslav Volodin, the vice-president of the State Duma:
- I would change the approach to government work that it worked on the end result, instead of for the sake of the work. If the government has a problem it is necessary to create the governmental structure which will be engaged in the decision of this problem. Has solved - means, its creation is defensible, is not present - it is necessary to reduce this organisation.

Andrey Nechaev, the general director of the Russian financial corporation:
- Now I would began to change nothing. Still the old did not liquidate, and if start new to reform, it will not do good neither the authorities, nor to the people. I would suggest to distribute accurately functions of the ministries, the agencies, supervising services. There is a fear that if earlier we addressed in one window now it is necessary - in three. And it is expenses of time and growth of bribes. And in general, I so did not begin administrative reform, but as it has turned out.

Alexey Volkov, chief executive NP Interbank settlement system :
- the Government not mixture that it to shake up before the use. The president has distributed reins, and let carry, looking back and being interested in state of health of passengers.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the vice-president of the State Duma:
- would change in the government of very young ministers for more mature and with bolshej a patriotic orientation. There should be less experts in the western economy and democracy and more our, focused prorossijski.