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the Same shows have arranged to me last week in the USA

Before a departure from Moscow BORIS TADICH has given exclusive interview.
- whether there was at you a sensation, what in Moscow to you have arranged original shows?
- in general yes. And I concern it normally. Russia wants to know, for that to it to wait from the potential partner. The same shows have arranged to me last week in the USA. Basically I have already got used to be as though under a X-ray.
- that Russia can give to Serbia, and what Serbia - Russia?
- anything it is not necessary to give Russia. There Should be an exchange of interests. Serbia is interesting to Russia as the market which is at the European crossroads. Belgrad is interested in presence of Moscow on the Balkans, in its participation in the decision of key problems of region, first of all by the Kosovan.
- what place of Russia in system of foreign policy priorities of Serbia?
- we Will be frank: The dominating factor in Europe from the point of view of safety is the NATO, besides the alliance already is on our borders. Therefore solve problems of the safety Serbia without the NATO cannot. And in the NATO the USA dominate. So, they our strategic partner. Serbia wants to become a part of Europe, here again without EU not to manage. Russia - too our partner taking into account the potential and a role in the European affairs. Besides, Russia - a power support of Serbia, and it strategically adheres us to it. Thus, the USA, EU and Russia - three points in the world where Belgrad should search for allies. Balance between them - here the formula for the future of Serbia.
- and what foreign policy of Belgrad if you become the president will be?
- the Serbian foreign policy should change in a root. As the corner-stone it is necessary to put clear orientation to Europe and this strategy to subordinate all. Round it struggle on forthcoming presidential election also will be developed. It will be opposition of three platforms. The first is a radical nationalism. The second - moderate nationalism, preservation of a present condition and marking time. My platform - sharp jerk to Europe. It is painful. But, if not to make it now, the new chance will appear not soon.