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Michael Khodorkovsky has pronounced the sentence to court

having explained, why it do not release on freedom
YUKOS business

Contrary to forecasts of some politicians, inauguration of president Vladimir Putin was followed by clearing from - under guards of main Russian prisoner Michael Khodorkovsky. Yesterday the Moscow City Court considered the complaint of protection of the oligarch to the next prolongation of term of arrest and has rejected it. Mister Khodorkovsky participating in process of a pre-trial detention centre by means of a space bridge, has declared that unique sense of its maintenance under guards is psychological pressure upon me, upon my family and colleagues .
From the big screen of TV Philips the prisoner spetsizoljatora " looks at the lawyers and judges; Sailor`s Tishin Michael Khodorkovsky. A short hedgehog of growing grey hair, dark tolstovka, from - under which the sports T-shirt is visible. Sight not so not lost, as on the first space bridge in the autumn of last year when mister Khodorkovsky only grew roots in prison walls. A sight protesting, prickly.
Eks - the head of YUKOS have once again caged for participation in a space bridge though it and so is in pre-trial detention centre walls, whence not to escape. Behind a prisoner bench in this cage what for - that hangs tsvetastaja a curtain - a such unostentatious prison cosiness.
court session on which it was necessary to consider complaints of protection to prolongation on March, 19th Basmanny Court of term of arrest of Michael Khodorkovsky till May, 25th, has begun traditionally: presiding judge Marina Selina has established the person of the accused:
- Be presented, please.
- Khodorkovsky Michael Borisovich.
- were born when?
- In 1963, on June, 26th.
- live where?
- Krestovsky a lane Is registered in Moscow, (further followed house and apartment number. - ), actually I live in Moscow suburbs.
- earlier were not sudimy?
- Is not present.
- Sit down.
the judge has in brief reported business materials from which the curious detail follows: it appears, on business of mister Khodorkovsky there passes also as accused Andrey Krajnov who is at large under a subscription about nevyezde. Last in 1994 headed firm the Wave - that which has got at investment competition of 20 % of actions of Open Society Apatite . We will remind that the State Office of Public Prosecutor makes to Michael Khodorkovsky and head of MFO MENATEP Platon Lebedev plunder of this share holding and judgement default on their return to the state. The mister Krajnov, according to the investigation, was the head an average link hodorkovsko - lebedevskoj OPG - he ostensibly headed in it responsible process of creation of false legal bodies.
the judge has stated an essence of the matter and has asked to speak to lawyer Henry Padve.
- I ask to release Khodorkovsky from - under guards, - he has told. - the petition of the inspector for prolongation of term of its arrest is a description of that Khodorkovsky has ostensibly made. But we categorically declare that Khodorkovsky does not plead guilty and that protection, having familiarised with business materials, has come to firm belief that proofs of its guilt are not present. Some episodes of its charge are obviously absurd: the Office of Public Prosecutor has just proved that the given crimes were not made. Here, for example, a certain legal body evaded from payment of taxes. And evasion was expressed that it has paid taxes not money, and bills on which the state has received money. They with the huge percent provided by bills, already in the budget - and the Office of Public Prosecutor says that the payment order is ostensibly broken. To agree with it it is impossible!
Further defender Padva has scarified koronnyj the argument of the State Office of Public Prosecutor which have removed to the decision of Basmanny Court: Michael Khodorkovsky can disappear.
- the court does not assert that it will make it. So who cannot disappear? All can. It is necessary to prove that Khodorkovsky will make it. Meanwhile any data that it ostensibly has a habitation abroad, in business is not present.
And lawyer Karina Moskalenko has added to it that mister Khodorkovsky actually serves time to a court sentence. As she said, if it is typical for our country, the European court under human rights in which she has already addressed on this business, will force Russia to pay off literally with victims of such vicious practice.
- accused, something wish to tell? - Judge Selina has remembered the person in a telecage.
- Yes, thanks big, - Michael Khodorkovsky has risen and has started to read the short prepared speech. From the first words it became clear that it intended to not so much court, how many a press present at a hall.
- I want to show bias of Office of Public Prosecutor on one example. In one of consequence decisions it is told about presence at me accounts abroad. It not so, and it discredits my reputation. My personal accounts anywhere in the world, except Russia, does not exist - I tell it with full responsibility. If from the accounts arrested by the State Office of Public Prosecutor in Switzerland to exclude money of fund of social protection and firms - investors there is insignificant money with twenty employees of the company (YUKOS. - ), casual people. Concerning YUKOS have arranged orgy that has led to falling of shares of company. As to me I not the poor person, but my money works in Russia and to Russia.
- laws, - the prisoner has continued, - demand from Office of Public Prosecutor not reflexions, and proofs at arrest application. In Europe, America the legislative people having a family, the house for whom tens other people are charged, are at similar charges on freedom at least to a court sentence. Not because the Office of Public Prosecutor there is kinder - the law does not allow to arrive differently. Certainly, that occurs at us, it is possible not to notice and name justice. But independent and fair court - one of the major institutes of a civil society. The unique reason of my arrest is psychological pressure upon me, upon my family and upon my colleagues.
after this pathetic speech the supervising public prosecutor of the State Office of Public Prosecutor Valery Lahtin has said a thoughtful phrase: Khodorkovsky`s Finding under guards will answer appointment of criminal legal proceedings . According to the public prosecutor, isolation from witnesses and accomplices (being, it has reminded, basically abroad) which cannot provide house arrest, especially a subscription about nevyezde is necessary to the accused Khodorkovsky.
- Both marital status, and financial position, and degree of participation of Khodorkovsky in fulfilment of incriminated acts - all it has been considered, - mister Lahtin has assured judges. - And citizens who submit petitions (guarantees for Khodorkovsky. - ), are not familiar with business materials, and to operate with their feelings it is inappropriate.
the judicial three thought ten minutes then has announced rezoljutivnuju a decision part: to leave Michael Khodorkovsky under guards. The screen with its image has there and then gone out. Now the destiny of mister Khodorkovsky will be already in hands of one of regional courts in which in the end of May its criminal case will arrive on consideration. Till May, 15th lawyers of mister Khodorkovsky should sign reports on acquaintance with business materials.
will continue to watch it.