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Tbilisi will transform Batumi into the stability centre

adzharsky crisis

Yesterday the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has published the data about quantity of the weapon withdrawn during the last days at the population and from warehouses of power departments Adzharii. In parallel with disarmament to autonomies there is a process of formation of new power structures the question on expediency of existence of MGB Adzharii, in particular, is actively discussed.
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, only for last week at the population, and also from warehouses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and MGB Adzharii 2593 automatic machines, 14 manual anti-tank grenade cup discharges RPG - 7, 54 manual grenade cup discharges " are withdrawn; the Fly 53 manual machine guns, 4 large-caliber machine guns, 138 thousand cartridges, 140 pomegranates, 6 installations the Arrow . According to the ultimatum of president Saakashvili at adzharians remains only three days voluntary to hand over the weapon. After that parts of internal troops and special troops MGB of Georgia will begin power actions on disarmament of supporters of the former head of republic.
meanwhile in an autonomy new power structures are formed. The co-ordinator of time council Adzharii Levan Varshalomidze, acting on the Georgian television, has declared that council has decided not to wait elections of parliament Adzharii, forthcoming 19 - on June, 20th, and to start to to executive power acquisition that is ministerial council.
mister Varshalomidze becomes the head of the government, most likely, - it will supervise over four ministries. However, a number of members of time council brings an attention to the question on increase in their number to five - six. In particular, the question on expediency of existence of MGB Adzharii is actively discussed. Shortly before the overthrow on request of Tbilisi Aslan Abashidze has formally transformed adzharskoe MGB to the antiterrorist centre. Now this structure, probably, will turn to regional branch MGB of Georgia. But is in time council and supporters of preservation of service of a state security of Adzharii as the ministries. A post of the chief of central administrative board of a state security of Adzharii while head of one of divisions of counterspionage of Georgia occupies Akaky Tsintsadze.
the Coordinator of time council has declared also that one of immediate tasks of the government and time council Adzharii - preparation and carrying out up to the mark summit GUUAM which, according to president Michael Saakashvili, will take place in Batumi in June of this year. The head of Georgia has underlined that has already received the consent of presidents of Ukraine and Azerbaijan Leonid Kuchma and Ilham Aliyev. Carrying out of summit GUUAM in Batumi on a plan of the Georgian leader will inhale life in this organisation which has turned to fiction. And at the same time becomes acknowledgement of stabilisation of conditions in an autonomy after an establishment over it of complete control from the central government.