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Irkutsk United Russia party members have convicted of drunkenness and plots

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Yesterday the assistant to the head of Irkutsk regional branch an United Russia Valery Sokolov has officially combined powers and left branch political council. In a valedictory on yesterday`s regional partkonferentsii it has sharply scarified a management of local United Russia party members for a formalism, bad work and occurrence on partmeroprijatijah in a state of intoxication.
the conflict in a management of Irkutsk United Russia party members has begun in February of this year. Then the secretary of political council, the president of aviabuilding corporation Irkut Alexey Fedorov has declared intention to retire. Struggle for its place had joined two groups one of which has headed the chairman of local branch of the Pension fund Valery Sokolov as whom consider as the supporter of governor Boris Govorin, and another - the general director of the company IrkAZ - SUAL Igor Grinberg. But thanks to intervention of Moscow Feodor`s mister remained on a post, and Sokolov and the retired general of aircraft Victor Pomytkin became its assistants the mister.
Yesterday on regional partkonferentsii Valery Sokolov has made an official statement about removal from of powers of the assistant to the secretary of political council, an exit of political council and the termination of discharge of duties of the secretary of council of public associations at regional branch of party. In the speech the mister Sokolov has declared that in branch has developed disturbing, where - that already having symptoms of serious illness a situation. In its opinion, work of local United Russia party members was reduced to separate superficial sessions on which the emphasis only on growth of number of party members becomes. There is no system analysis of work of branch, the management does not give proper attention to questions socially - an economic development of the region, and also to problems of small and average business. The reason of all these troubles, according to the mister of Sokolov, the position of the head of branch Alexey Fedorova, which " is; does not find possibility to meet the assistant to discuss current questions .
Has got from the mister of Sokolov and to other heads of branch. So, he has noticed that the head of executive committee of Irkutsk branch Sergey Reznichenko privatised questions of an expenditure of inner-party means. The mister Sokolov has estimated mister Reznichenko as the mediocre and incompetent worker which uses party work and party communications in personal interests, including for earning money . As he said, in the end of April Sergey Reznichenko has organised inner-party plot and has purged in executive committee, having left in it only people personally betrayed to it. This act also has provoked Valery Sokolova to resignation.
Besides, the second zamglavy branches Victor Pomytkin as the mister Sokolov has informed, appears drunk on party actions and has made in a state of intoxication in October, 2003 serious dorozhno - transport incident in which course children " have been crippled;. Victor Pomytkin during this moment persistently considered any papers and pretended that does not listen to the lecturer. The mister Sokolov has finished the speech in nervous silence. It silently has collected papers, has told thanks! also left a hall. After a while from places requirements to discuss the report were heard, but it has not been made.
Feodor`s misters and Reznichenko did not begin to make comments on Valery Sokolova`s statement. Other participants of session have expressed the opinions in conversations with journalists. So, the federal inspector across the Irkutsk region and Ust - to Ordynsky Buryat autonomous region Konstantin Zajtsev has noticed that, As well as any party member, Valery Sokolov has the right to own opinion and has the right of it to state . And the first deputy of the governor Alexander Bitarov has informed that the statement of the colleague of Sokolov needs to be analyzed still, but with some things he agrees. The speaker of regional parliament Gennady Istomin has informed that the mister Sokolov has in vain taken out the claims for conference, as them at first it was necessary to discuss at presidium . Mister Istomin has noticed that with Valery Sokolova`s leaving in branch there was a personnel problem. It was responsible for two important directions: ideology and communication with public associations. As the speaker has explained, at the nearest presidium of political council Irkutsk United Russia party members intend to appoint and. An island of the assistant to the secretary of political council. And the new assistant will be chosen only in the autumn.