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the Small Chinese companies can compete to world leaders

questions were answered with an analyst of American research company Adams Beverage Group JAYSON BEJTS.
- As expansion of the foreign companies in the Chinese market of beer will develop?
- I Think that cooperation with the small local companies as they occupy the big segment of the Chinese market is very useful. Nevertheless it is not necessary to forget and about cooperation with the large companies. Therefore the foreign companies will apply the combined approach.
- why so struggle Anheuser - Busch and SABMiller for Harbin Brewery has become aggravated?
- it seems To me that intensity of fight for this region is caused by that it is densely populated, and it gives a considerable quantity of potential consumers. Besides in this region beer is traditionally popular - we will not forget that companies Harbin Brewery more than hundred years.
- whether the small regional companies Can successfully compete to the large Chinese and foreign companies?
- At the skilful marketing policy the small companies have every chance on successful rivalry with the large companies. Besides a price competition, the small companies can let out those grades of beer which are not made by large manufacturers and, thus, can occupy the specific consumer niches.
interview took EVGENIE - the TAIL