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Reading matter not for weights

“ the History told by Clark in the book ` Against all enemies `, has made serious impression upon the Washington political elite and delivered weight of unpleasant minutes of administration of Bush. But the average inhabitant has hardly read this book, and on results of voting on presidential elections of the USA in November Clark`s work of influence will not render “ - of it I was convinced by the influential democrat feeling strong hostility to the president Bush. And it is right. George Bush who still more recently was lagging behind John Kerri by results of polls not less than on 7 %, last week has caught up with the contender - the democrat.
inhabitants of the USA internal problems - creation of new workplaces, reform of medical insurance for needy and an interdiction of the government of the USA for purchase of cheap medicines in Canada much more interest. Angry performances of the senator - democrat Edward Kennedy, the close friend and instructor John Kerri who accuses administration of unwillingness to go on compromises on internal socially - to economic problems, have more chances to reach the average voter, than scandal with Richard Clark`s book. If only somebody does not find the proof of participation of the vice-president of the USA Dick Cheney to contracts of its former company Halliburton in Iraq or will not prove that George Bush and Condoleeza Rice knew about time and a venue of acts of terrorism on September, 11th.
Even prodemokraticheski the adjusted soldier of the American army who have come from war in Iraq in last year, convinced me of a compartment of a train New York - Washington that “ is cardinal change destiny of elections in a present situation the  destruction about ten thousand American soldiers in Iraq " can only;. Even most otjavlennomu to the cynic it is clear that till November terrorists in Iraq to make it simply will not be in time.
to the scandal begun by Richard Clark, it is not necessary to give too great value. Americans in the weight in Iraq concern war at all how it was would like by democrats or some Kremlin officials who secretly prepare for negotiations with John Kerri, including its entrance to the White house almost come true fact.