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Commandoes have beaten off from shepherds

and have burnt them together with kosharoj
business of commandoes

In Severo - the Caucasian district military court repeated process on criminal case about murder by the Russian contract employees in December, 1999 of two shepherds in Dzhejrahsky gorge (Ingushetia) has begun. Have passed preliminary hearings and relatives of victims have been interrogated. The lawyer accused names business a new coil of witch-hunt .
According to the investigation, private soldiers - contract employees Kamyshinsky desantno - an assault regiment (in/ ch 74507) kubanets Vitaly Babijchuk and the inhabitant of Orehova situated near Moscow - Zueva Alexey Popov in the beginning of December, 1999 as a part of group carried out investigation and district protection on a site of building of military road in Dzhejrahsky gorge of Ingushetia. On December, 4th at survey of territory nearby to settlement Tsharalty their reconnaissance group in thrown koshare has found out two shepherds, Ingush Abubakara Evkurova and the inhabitant of settlement Duisi (Ahmetovsky area of Georgia, the centre of the Pankissky gorge occupied by Chechens - kistintsami) Ali Machalikashvili. Charge asserts that commandoes have accepted peace shepherds for insurgents, have shot, and corpses have burnt together with kosharoj. The military Office of Public Prosecutor has brought to private soldiers Babijchuku and Popovu accusation in murder and deliberate damage of another`s property by an arson. Commandoes asserted that only were protected from the shepherds who have snatched on them with knifes.
in 2000 Severo - the Caucasian district military court already considered this case. Then the public prosecutor has refused charge under item 105 ( Premeditated murder ) also has asked to retrain it on p.1 item 108 ( the Murder made at excess of measures, persons necessary for detention ) . As a result of September, 25th the court has justified commandoes on ch. 2 items 167 ( Deliberate destruction of property ), but has agreed with qualification of a state accuser and has condemned them under item 108 for a year of imprisonment. However in connection with the amnesty declared by the president and considering the state awards of soldiers (at both awards of Courage, and at private soldier Babijchuka also a medal For courage ) Commandoes have released in a court hall. The court also has refused satisfaction of the civil suit of relatives of the victims demanding for murder relatives and loss of a flock from 700 sheep $2 million As the lawyer of defendant Babijchuka Sergey Zuev has explained, in business there are official reports of local militiamen and the public prosecutor of Dzhejrahsky area that sheep in an integrity and safety have been found out in settlement Tsharalty shelters. He considers that the sentence was fair and quite proved .
However as has informed a source in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, after adjudgment on the Supreme court of the Russian Federation it has been rendered serious influence from the president of Ingushetia of that time Ruslana Aushev, sworn to fellow countrymen that will achieve condemnation of the guilty. And on January, 25th, 2001 the highest authority has cancelled military court SKVO sentence, motivirovav it infringement of the rights of victims on protection of their interests expressed that business was considered in their absence.
Representatives of protection have told that relatives of victims, having learnt about intention of a state accuser to retrain premeditated murder on murder with excess have in a pointed manner left a boardroom, stating damnations and threats to accused and participants of process.
to renew proceeding it has appeared uneasy as the released Alexey Popov has moved in races and some years was in federal search. He on interrogation asserted that at shepherds something has flashed in hands and it could not disassemble in that situation, the automatic machine it or a knife .
Process has renewed only after May holidays and at once has been interrupted from - for non-arrivals to Rostov witnesses from Ingushetia. While it was possible to interrogate only relatives of victims.
As the brother of killed Abubakara Evkurova Isa, in the summer shepherds traditionally has told grazed sheep in Dzhejrahsky gorge and did there the cheese, which father Ali Machalikashvili brought on sale to the Pankissky gorge. According to Isy, earlier with it problems were not : Boundary posts was not, and we freely went from Pankisi in Dzhejrah .
on December, 5th neighbours have informed Ise that in mountains any hut " has burnt down;. But that day the military men who have surrounded area there have not started up it. It has got into place only in five days together with operatively - an investigation team of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia and has identified corpses. Brother Abubakara after examination in Nazran have buried in native village, and a body of Ali have taken away to the Pankissky gorge.
According to Isy Evkurova, commandoes specially long did not inform the command on incident and have hidden a machine gun shutter from which have shot shepherds that the consequence could not establish after murder, shots have been made of whose weapon.
lawyer Sergey Zuev has rejected arguments of victims, having noticed that inspectors spent shooting of the weapon at all regiment for its identification and any problems with shutters was not. Only after January, 7th, 2000 when have detained ordinary Babijchuka and Popova, in business have appeared them appearances with guilty . Besides, the lawyer asserts that in December at survey of a scene of crime has been found klinok a knife, but the canister from which commandoes ostensibly spilt gasoline for an arson koshary is not found out. However after four and a half a month during following survey the canister have found, but klinok to which commandoes referred, and has not been described in business materials.
Mister Zuev has declared that considers this process a new coil of witch-hunt which has begun right after a verdict of guilty to colonel Yury Budanov.
following session on which interrogation of witnesses and victims will be continued, is appointed to May, 21st.
SERGEY - KISIN, Rostov-on-Don