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Oil and gas heads of the companies entering into a consortium on development of Eastern Siberia - Open Society " exhaust in a uniform corridor

from Eastern Siberia to Sakhalin
export of hydrocarbons

On Friday; Gazprom NK Rosneft and Surgutneftegaz - have held a working meeting at the central office Gazprom . As it is informed in a press - release, Alexey Miller, Sergey Bogdanchikov and Vladimir Bogdanov have stated a common opinion that oil pipelines on the east of Russia are expedient for building in one corridor with the main gas pipelines. A central point where they should converge, - Far East port the Find. It is remarkable that in the companies which already develop pipeline projects in east direction ( Transneft and Rusia Petroleum ) Assert that they do not know about the initiative of members of a consortium.
by data a press - release, heads of the companies entering into a consortium have discussed a teamwork course on development Talakansky neftegazokondensatnogo deposits the licence on which belongs ` to Surgutneftegaz ` (Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources, under the statement of its head Yury Trutnev, intend to challenge its delivery. - ), and plans on their participation in competition on Chajandinsky neftegazokondensatnoe the deposit, which announcement is possible this year .
Participants of a meeting also declared that oil and gas pipelines in the east of Russia should be under construction in a uniform technological corridor. at a choice of a route of building of oil and gas highways the existing gas pipeline Sakhalin - Komsomolsk - Khabarovsk should be considered, - declares ` Gazprom ` in a press - release. - Reconstruction of this gas pipeline in a direction of continent and its further building to Vladivostok and the Find can become a basis for creation of uniform system of extraction and gas transportation (accordingly, and oil. - ) in Eastern Siberia and in the Far East .
In all companies entering into a consortium, yesterday have refused to give official comments. From the informal follows that the Russian part of gas which will be extracted on projects Sakhalin - 2 and Sakhalin - 1 (20 % of individual share in the last belong Rosneft ) It should be transported on continent for maintenance of requirements of the Russian consumers. By that moment when the Sakhalin deposits will start to give industrial volumes of gas (2006 - 2007), reconstruction of the first stage of a gas pipeline Sakhalin - Khabarovsk will be finished. Besides it on a continental part of Russia the gas pipeline which will connect a route Sakhalin - Khabarovsk with continental deposits (Kovyktinsky, Chajandinsky and other) should be constructed. To reduce the price of building of a gas pipeline and the oil pipeline from Siberia on the east of Russia, them will construct in a uniform corridor which will pass along Bajkalo - the Amur highway. The gas pipeline, also as well as at the oil pipeline, should have an exit on Far East coast (presumably in port the Find) where in due course are possible factory building on szhizheniju natural gas and its tanker export to the countries Asian - Pacific region.
we Will notice that now there is only one project of the oil pipeline from Eastern Siberia to the Far East. It is a route Taishet - a Find, developed Transneft (the pipeline part really passes lengthways BAMa). As the vice-president " yesterday has declared; Transneft Sergey Grigoriev, any coordination of a consortium with the company it was not conducted, and about a uniform corridor in Transneft hear for the first time. However, according to the source in a consortium, association of projects on oil and gas prorolling to the Far East is co-ordinated with Transneft through Presidential Administration of Russia.
other transport project is developed by the company Rusia Petroleum the operator of development Kovyktinsky gazokondensatnogo deposits. He assumes transportation of gas from the Irkutsk region on the pipeline which will pass along southern coast of Baikal through Buryatiya and the Chita region in the Peoples Republic of China and South Korea and practically Angarsk - Datsin coincides with the project of the oil pipeline rejected by the authorities.
the Controlling interest Rusia Petroleum belongs to the multinational corporation petrocompany - BP. Its representative has declared yesterday that Rusia Petroleum it is ready to consider any offered possibilities, including on delivery kovyktinskogo gas in the Find. such variant is possible, if calculations show economic efficiency of building of the oil pipeline and a gas pipeline in one corridor, - he has declared. - it is important, that were reasonable and terms of realisation of such project. While consortium offers - only the declaration on intentions .