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The left have faced the general future

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In a past week-end in Moscow suburbs has passed III forum the Future of the left forces on which representatives of parties dividing left views, mass-media, trade unions and social movements tried to develop the program of actions in protection of the social rights of citizens of Russia. In the beginning the gathered have found out that for successful struggle for these rights the unity of all opposition forces first of all is necessary. But discussion by scandal with introduction of censorship for the acting has ended. YURY`S reporting - CHERNEGI.
the Forum has begun on Saturday with plenary session on which representatives of the gathered organisations have acted. After an opening address of one of organizers of a forum, the head of Youth left front Ilya Ponomareva, on a tribune there was a chairman of independent trade union of miners of Russia Alexander Sergeev. It has begun that struggle for protection of the rights - business hard, and in a modern Russian society are capable of it all about 10 % of the population.
- 15 - summer experience allows to do which - what conclusions, - Sergey`s mister has declared. - trade unions while in the country are not present!
the Chairman of Islamic committee of Russia has fallen with sharp criticism upon a ruling mode Gejdar Dzhemal.
- today to the power to Russia has come kompradorsky, virtual, imitating fascism, - the orator has declared. - its difference from fascism 60 - summer prescription that it has no mobilisation project and national consolidating idea as it is put forward group ljumpen - bourgeoisies.
the main axis on which this mode keeps, according to mister Dzhemalja, war in the Chechen Republic is:
- Ahmata Kadyrov`s Destruction - the symbolical blow which has sunk this project, shown that he is doomed!
- I from Vorkuta, - have begun the speech the chairman of confederation of trade unions of Republic Komi Jury Dashko. - We - those people who actively participated in strike movement 1989 - 1991 about what now very much we are sorry as the Soviet miners lived much better, than now the Russian.
in present realities the member of bureau of federal council " has shared deep disappointment also; the Apple Alexey Zaharov. It ascertained that such economy as today in which the capital in a mass order flows away abroad, cannot exist. Therefore sharp strengthening of the left movement is necessary.
- in the Apple the most capable people who did rockets have entered and blocked Yenisei, - mister Zaharov has poetically informed. - In the end of 80 - h they have believed that clearing of their work will lead to prosperity. But romantic attempt of clearing of the economy, clamped it is command - a management system, has brought to people weight of suffering and a grief.
Continuing to understand why people suffer and as it to help, the deputy of the State Duma from the block the Native land Oleg Sheyin has declared that methods of parliamentary struggle of have settled, and the basic fault for it lies on the Communist Party of the Russian Federation:
- In July at congress of Communist Party the Presidential Administration will help Gennady Zyuganov to keep a post of the leader that the party slowly decayed and further. At such succession of events the next eight years it is possible to forget about the Duma mandates!
- it became fashionable to specify in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, - the Pskov communist Armen Beniaminov who has become famous for parried that during demonstration on November, 7th, 2003 has replaced on the State Duma Russian trikolor with a red flag. - and you where, companions? It is time to understand that skeleton of opposition which can throw off this power, the Communist Party is!
Under examination for violation of national flag Companion Beniaminov also has reproached Oleg Sheyin that that voted for the reference to the public prosecutor with the request to understand this business.
- on May, 18th there will be a court, and on it I will act not as accused, and I will accuse those who has removed a red flag and have destroyed our Native land! - the communist has concluded.
to reconcile communists and non-parties undertook were jablochnik the party leader the ELEPHANT Vyacheslav Igrunov who has declared that today the left show same theoretical poverty in economy what showed right when were on a success wave.
- I have now listened to you, - mister Igrunov regretfully ascertained. - private steps and charges each other are discussed. Meanwhile absence first of all intellectual work conducts to a failure!
- Without association of healthy forces it will turn out nothing, - has with skill informed eks - the deputy of the State Duma, communist Vasily Shandybin, twice for the last half a year lost elections on one-mandatory districts.
he has informed gathered that on elections to Duma the people were obolvanen, therefore for an United Russia the intelligency - doctors, teachers voted basically. Trying to find out the reasons of it, companion Shandybin asked voters much: Why? to It answered: We have believed that we will live better .
- Anybody will not be better to live! - communist Shandybin has cried out, and the hall has burst in a deafening applause.
on it session has come to the end. Leader Natsional sitting in the first row - Bolshevist party Edward Limonov carefully summarising all performances, has asked words, having reminded that him have invited and promised to allow to act. But leaders have referred that the regulations are settled, and have invited participants of a forum to take part in work of sections. The upset writer has refused to make it. In foyer he named similar behaviour melkoburzhuznoj cowardice also has declared that among this empty chatter there were no specific proposals on the organisation of front of struggle .