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Cities have punished for non-payment of membership dues

municipal reform

On Saturday in Novosibirsk general meeting of Association of the Siberian and Far East cities (ASDG) has come to the end. Mayors have re-elected for the third term of president ASDG, the mayor of Novosibirsk Vladimir Gorodetsky, have prepared the offers for the Congress of municipal unions and the cities of Novokuznetsk (Kemerovo region), Sharypovo (Krasnoyarsk region) and Balej (Chita region) have excluded from association for regular non-payment of membership dues.
Session passed briskly enough: mayors solved how to live further at the new law About the general principles of the organisation of local government . Have decided that prospects are not too bad, as can seem at first sight. The basic claims to authors of the law (the commission under the direction of former the first zamglavy Presidential Administration, and nowadays heads of governmental body of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozaka) consist in non-uniformity of financing and not absolutely correct distribution of powers between regional, municipal authorities and the centre. commission Kozaka had a desire to hear opinion from below, but not in all the understanding is reached, - mister Gorodetsky ascertained. - the criticism often sounds that the law bad and imperfect, but it is necessary for us to simulate life on it even prior to the beginning of its action .
I criticised the law because it is good as an electronic toy to which can play only and, having broken, to throw out - the mayor of Kemerovo Vladimir Mihajlov admitted. At it to Muscovites, by thoughtful reasonings written the law, there are some remarks. For example, to position that kontrolno - schetnyj the local government should consist of the deputies working on a constant basis. it basically cannot be, it is profanation! - mister Mihajlov was indignant. - Deputies not financiers and not auditors, on check by it noodles on ears naveshajut! However, he too has agreed that the law should be carried out anyway.
the mayor of Tyumen Stepan Kirichuk has warned the colleagues that problems were, is and will be . From shift of beds in a brothel of function of a brothel do not change. The main thing now - how correctly to organise the power that people did not become hostages of our problems - the head of Tyumen has underlined.
formation of the all-Russian association of municipal unions coming in 2006 became one more occasion to brisk discussion. There is no sense to invent a new bicycle and then long to be engaged in its debugging and reduction in a working condition - Vladimir Gorodetsky has expressed the general opinion. Members ASDG are convinced that in Russia already there is a system, capable to become model of the future association, is the Congress of municipal unions. But, as mayors have noted, the congress has lost working capacity, having concentrated only on conflicts and internal dismantlings, and has ceased to carry out functions of the collective spokesman of interests of municipal unions . In January of this year ASDG already directed the offers on congress reforming to its management, but, according to association council, them have ignored. At the next session of the congress 20 - on May, 21st delegates from ASDG intend to offer its optimum structure (three chambers - city districts, rural settlements and small cities) and one of mayors on a post of the president.
Besides, at meeting have been excluded from ASDG for regular non-payment of membership dues of the city of Novokuznetsk, Balej and Sharypovo. This measure compelled and not so pleasant, but it disciplines us and unites - mayor Gorodetsky has underlined. it is awfully a shame to me with my Novokuznetsk, but the mayor occupies a hard line: we will not pay. To convince him it was not possible - the representative of Novokuznetsk disappointedly recognised. Other debtors have kept silent. And here the chairman of the City Council of Prokopevsk Galina Miller has managed to persuade mayors to delay an exception till June, having promised to pay off with debts.
OLGA - KOCHETOVA, Novosibirsk