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To seagulls on laughter

Andrey Konchalovsky has rearranged Chekhov
festival theatre

Within the limits of festival chereshnevyj wood at Moscow Council Theatre the premiere Chekhovian " has taken place; Seagulls directed by Andrey Konchalovsky. According to MARINA - SHIMADINOJ as svetsko - festival action performance has gone right as art event - is not present.
Before Theatre of the Moscow Council of spectators met wind band sounds. On garden paths the Aquarium the ladies and gentlemen dressed on a fashion of the beginning of the last century in light suits, with snow-white dogs on leads walked. Public treated with juice and a firm dish of festival - a fresh sweet cherry. Photographers hunted for celebrities which, however, for such secular action was not too much: Mark Zaharov and Galina Volchek, Valentine Gaft and Olga Ostroumova, Pavel Kaplevich and Maxim Sukhanov. This walk in the spirit of Chekhovian time was so pleasant that spectators did not hasten in a hall, and performance have begun on half an hour later.
the show which has Appeared before public during the first moment seemed continuation of garden amusements. In the heart of a scene the green grove framing magical lake invisible from an orchestra (that it there is, public at once have let know, having started to lap in it the naked young man), and on its coast - dressed in all light ladies and gentlemen, the expecting beginnings of representation has settled down.
the Italian art director Etstso Fridzherio, as well as many other things, has got to performance in the inheritance from the first Seagulls Andrey Konchalovsky which the director has put at the Parisian theatre Odeon in 1988. For example, in new performance the scene where Arkadina, Zarechnaja and doctor Dorn during scandal with the operating pose for photographer Medvedenko has passed. And that in the following scene suddenly starts to juggle with balls because the first executor of this role as Andrey Konchalovsky remembers, was the mediocre actor and only and was able that is good to juggle.
however to find out, how much present the Seagull it is similar on that, old performance which as the director confirms, was pleasant to Peter Brook, is not present special sense. All the same anybody from its today`s spectators did not see and judge it can only under Andrey Konchalovsky`s stories. As to new statement, it leaves impression of history from glossy magazine which can be characterised two epithets: it is beautiful and entertaining. The director as if has decided to give battle to axiomatic boredom which reigns in the majority of Chekhovian statements.
its heroes Seagulls minutes do not miss and do not allow to yawn to spectators. Actors laugh literally on each remark. Even unfortunate unloved Masha (Olga Milojanina) on a question Medvedenko (Yury Tcherkasov) why all of you time go in the black? answers It is mourning for my life with silly hohotkom. And lazy and cynical Trigorin (Alexey Serebryakov), having received as a gift from Nina a medallion, suddenly starts to skip for pleasure, as the small child. Probably, thus the director treats Chekhovian definition Seagulls as comedies.
in the numerous interviews before a premiere Andrey Konchalovsky was not tired to repeat that he wants to put the Seagull so that it was pleasant to Anton Pavlovichu Chekhov who, as it is known, was dissatisfied with Stanislavsky`s considering its plays by dramas performances. Thus mister Konchalovsky criticised also all subsequent Chekhovian statements, considering, probably that it one is capable to interpret correctly the classic ( I try to understand Anton Palycha very much ) And to meet with its approval ( very much I believe that it would be pleasant to it both our performance, and our actors ) .
your correspondent too very much tried to understand All performance, what exactly in this statement should be pleasant to Anton Pavlovichu. Perhaps, Nina Zarechnaja (Julia Vysotsky) whom of the coquettish and naive laugher of the first certificate reading the well-known monologue about lions and partridges so, what in the play it is possible to give up its actor`s career at once as a bad job, turns in the second to the nervous and hysterical person? Or pretentious Arkadina (Irina Rozanova) who even during an explanation with the son does not cease to play the languid lady, and trying to keep Trigorina, it suffices for a fly? Or, maybe, Treplev (quite good, but as - that work of the actor dropping out of the general ensemble Snuffboxes Alexey Grishin), the excited and excentric tousled boy feeding for mother at all synovi feelings? (Here, by the way, the director has departed from the credo any new perusals also has half-jokingly quoted Hamlet dialogue and Gertrudy. ) And if not they, that? Other bright actor`s works in performance are not present, and to speak about any general thought, atmosphere or the concept of statement and it is not necessary at all.
the fidelity Declared by the director to a Chekhovian letter as a result has poured out in diligent, but deprived of independent value illjustrativnost, and instead of live Seagulls the model like that Trigorin has ordered to itself has turned out.