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The conductor have remembered a detective

the New opera has presented the program of memory of Evgenie Kolobova
a concert the classic

fulfilling duties of the main conductor the New opera Felix Korobov together with the soloist pianist Eliso Virsaladze has presented to public the program which has been thought up by Evgenie Kolobovym. An idea has estimated the BARBARIAN - turova.
Having lost in 2003 (when Evgenie Vladimirovich has suddenly died) not simply main conductor - the founder, hudruka and the ideological leader, the New opera has not recovered yet from loss. The unique loud premiere of last time - pearls Selectors in Roman Viktuk version - could not lift the theatre dumbfounded by changes on former level. The theatre management assigns the greatest hopes to the young conductor Felix Korobova fulfilling duties of the main conductor.
the Graduate of conservatory on two specialities - violoncellos and operno - to symphonic conducting, the conductor of the State orchestra and Stanislavsky and Nemirovich`s Theatre - Danchenko, mister Korobov often shows the surprising superiority of experience and professionalism over age. In a present concert also the qualities peculiar to a youth, - maximalism, impetuosity and beskompromissnost, however, were evident. Especially it was appreciable in Scottish Mendelson`s symphonies. Being fond of beauty of one of the best opuses of the composer, the conductor insufficiently precisely showed from time to time introductions of tools, creating sensation of intense expectation that the orchestra here - here will disperse and will stop. It was possible to notice that the louder nuance costs in the score, the there is a rate of execution faster that too is a typical lack of young musicians. However, the third part of a symphony, Adagio, has sounded on an order better other parts - napolnenno, with calm, but at the same time with movement, air and flight.
but all claims to the conductor have passed into nothingness in the second branch. To Beethoven`s Third piano concert with the soloist Eliso Virsaladze Felix Korobov has executed accompaniment irreproachably. To each movement of the soloist, both physical, and sincere, it is seldom possible to observe such attention at the venerable conductors shipped in own concepts and perceiving the soloist almost as irritating hindrance on a way to realisation of the personal ideas. Thanks to keenness of an orchestra public had possibility to hear game of Eliso Virsaladze in the best kind.
one of the brightest piano concerts has been executed by it, perhaps, a little otstranenno, out of events, as though from the author. Actually, this position of the story-teller also became most a lucky find of the pianist this evening. On degree of passion, vivacity of images and almost colloquial phrases - that interrogative and lost (as short phrases in the end of the first part) trying to frighten and show force (as in the ending beginning) free, flying and fragrant (as in the second part), this execution was not a classical concert, and is simple - taki a detective. Every second it was improbably interesting that will occur in the following. And wit with which the pianist conducted the story, reminded Erkjulja Poirot`s ironic humour. That in the ending of Eliso Virsaladze will open all secrets and complexities of a plot of a concert, it was possible not to doubt. All variety of characters, and also the faultless technics, the logical, precisely measured rates of Eliso Virsaladze has united in the uniform, ideally sustained composition: to lower, there was nothing to add.