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The Moscow elite have collected on subbotnik

in chereshnevom wood

Festival of arts chereshnevyj wood in Moscow Dzeffirelli " has opened an exhibition of the well-known film director and the theatrical artist Ex; performance Art (is more detailed about a retrospective show of its films p. 22) in the Museum of personal collections see. On a secular reception from Italy there has arrived the maestro. Within the limits of festival have passed exhibitions, film displays, performances, concerts and even subbotnik.

In the solemn speech at official opening of festival the director Ex Dzeffirelli shocked Svatovstvo Dzeffirelli gathered, declaring that has decided to marry director GMII of a name of Pushkin Irina Antonovoj: the Only thing that confuses me, it is a difference of faiths. From whom to ask the permission: at the father or the patriarch? All remained time the intrigued visitors tried to listen simultaneously to speeches of dancer Nikolay Tsiskaridze, actor Oleg Yankovsky, ballet master Vladimir Vasileva, eks - the minister of culture Michael Shvydkogo and the ambassador of Italy Dzhanfranko Fakko Bonetti and to understand, the maestro joked or is truly ready to get the Russian wife. Ex Dzeffirelli steadfastly examined in the meantime passing ladies and even has clapped hardly below a back of the general director of company Postmodern theatre Iradu Akperovu.
On a summer verandah of the Museum of a name of Pushkin the banquet has begun. The visitors who have just come back to capital after May holidays, shared impressions. The vice-president of Alpha bank Alexander Gafin proved that now the most fashionable vacation spot - Ethiopia. and in Jurmala it is quite good me - Andris Liepa parried. TV presenter Sergey Sholokhov argued with actress Larissa Golubkinoj. As it was possible to overhear to the correspondent, they hotly discussed new apartment of TV presenter Andrey Malakhov on Ostozhenka with a kind on a temple of the Christ of the Savior. Visitors among whom have been noticed the director Galina Volchek, actress Lija Ahedzhakova, the president of group IMA Andrey Gnatyuk, the operating director of the company Interros Andrey Bugrov, the deputy of the State Duma Vladislav Tretjak, the president of the company the Three Dialogue Ruben Vardanjan, actress Ingeborga Dapkunajte, actor Evgenie Mironov, on a banquet continued to discuss an imaginary marriage Ex Dzeffirelli on Irina Antonovoj. Actress Alla Budnitsky assured that the marriage hardly will take place, because Dzeffirelli named its beauty and has told: I am ready to betray the bride for the sake of you!

what success! Carries Andronu!
Within the limits of festival chereshnevyj wood at Moscow Council Theatre reception in honour of a premiere of performance " has taken place; the Seagull Directed by Andrey Konchalovsky (the review of it of p. 22). According to the majority of visitors, performance was faster secular event, rather than original art revelation. One of the first during a supper have appeared the president of the Olympic committee Leonid Tjagachev and operating affairs of the president Vladimir Kozhin. As habitues of similar parties, lately these misters always have noticed appear on receptions together. Behind a little table in a secluded corner under a ladder directors Galina Volchek and Mark Zaharov have hidden. To give the official comment on art advantages of work of Konchalovsky they have refused, but with pleasure have noted talent of head Bosco di Ciliegi Michael Kusnirovicha who has thought up this festival. Absolutely silently, by word of mouth, theatrical people transferred an epigram composed after performance by actor Valentine Gaftom: the Big success! Carries Andronu! From ` Seagulls ` it has made to a raven! when into a hall have entered the director Seagulls Andrey Konchalovsky and actress Julia Vysotsky, conversations on performance have stopped.
the vice-president of company Whitehall Vladimir Vedmed, TV presenter Sati Spivakov, producer Alexander Weinstein, the politician Irina Khakamada, the chairman of board of directors of the trading house the Crossroads the Lion of Hasis, the former prefect TSAO Alexander Muzykantsky, the deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Mokryj, the general representative of Russian economic forum Ivan Ulanov, president UK the Three Dialogue Pavel Tepluhin and actor Maxim Sukhanov discussed secular news. For example, news that Evgenie Krjukova`s actress the first time has appeared in the light of with the new companion, head Ingeokoma Michael Rudjakom. When visitors began to disperse on the sly, Michael Kusnirovich reminded everyone about coming subbotnike.

In a year will necessarily plant
the Most antiglamour action chereshnevogo wood Has passed yesterday - it was called Work on a garden. subbotnik on Sunday . At midday marked by an emblem of festival of Audi And - 6 unloaded the VIP in vicinities GMII of a name of Pushkin under the badge of For work where specially trained people forwarded them in a garden of children`s creativity of the centre aforementioned GMII, dressed in overalls (strojotrjadovskie jackets, assembly helmets, mittens, rubber galoshes) and forwarded for works under invigorating music VIA under control of Igor Butman dressed in the same uniform.
the construction superintendent of a site mister Kusnirovich in breaks between orom on workers in a megaphone has told to the correspondent that in its this holiday having a rest it was necessary to master 37 KamAZov chernozem (on five tons in everyone), not including small splashes of type of cleaning of building garbage, a first coat of a fence and disembarkation of two beds of pansies. Seriously, they have made it. As madam Antonova has confirmed director GMII of a name of Pushkin.
the Further description of events is not meaningful, except several supervision of the correspondent. From the VIP relatives of the chairman of the supervisory board " most loafed; chereshnevogo wood Oleg Yankovsky, the art director of theatre the Contemporary Galina Volchek, general director ID Andrey Vasilev, Igor Butman with children who and have not exchanged musical instruments on shantsevye; Ruben Vardanjan ( the Three Dialogue ) with Valery Syutkin three stretcher with building garbage has carried on a dustbin of all.
the present holiday has begun, when mister Kusnirovich declared a lunch break in the megaphone. On the building goats which have been wrapped up by the newspaper (the information sponsor chereshnevogo wood ) - mister Kusnirovich assured the correspondent that kgs of this newspaper have been delivered from its house stocks, - under Vladimir Vysotsky and Alexander Galicha`s songs of decent people treated with a herring with onions (under vodka), shish kebabs from sturgeon and mutton (under the same vodka) and, naturally, a sweet cherry. Whether
it is necessary to say that after a lunch break anybody any more did not work. Except the correspondent who dictated these lines by a mobile phone of mister Kusnirovicha. And when all have already left action, the correspondent has noticed that any inutile people tore off from a fence the poster that in a year on the soil fertilised for the present by free citizens (37 KamAZov ) it will be planted next chereshnevyj wood.