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Put forward or will lose!

Noursultan Nazarbayev will go for the fourth term
race for power

last Friday the president of Kazakhstan Noursultan Nazarbayev for the first time declared that intends to participate in new presidential election of 2006. Acting on national television, he has informed that sees the mission in strengthening of the state and growth of well-being of its citizens. Despite charges in corruption and opposition suppression, mister Nazarbayev intends to break a record of duration of board on the post-Soviet territory and to exclude carrying out possibility in Kazakhstan velvet revolution under the Georgian scenario.
the eternal president
Noursultan Nazarbayev has actually confirmed about what local observers spoke throughout last months: the Kazakh leader intends to remain in the armchair still almost ten years. Addressing to televiewers, Noursultan Nazarbayev has noticed that the constitution and country laws allow it to stand in presidents on the next elections. certainly, this question will solve the people. If he entrusts me, I will work as the president and to continue to strengthen our state and to increase well-being kazahstantsev - the president has noted. However, just in case it has made the small reservation, having specified that the similar scenario will work, if all is normal, God willing .
the Head of Kazakhstan corrects republic 13 years - at first as the first secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Party of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, and then as the president of the independent state. At a wheel of the state it has risen even before disintegration of the USSR - in February, 1990 and since then was constantly re-elected - at first for four years, then on five, and, at last, for seven years. Thus, really mister Nazarbayev is now in a presidential armchair the third term and counts on the fourth.
though under laws of Kazakhstan it is possible to occupy a presidential post twice, the norms fixed in the legislation till today have not created for mister Nazarbayev of special problems. The situation piquancy consists that according to operating rules it was selected only once - in 1999. However, legally to appear in position once the selected works throughout last years Noursultan Nazarbayev had to resort time and again to any shifts. At first in the middle of 90 - h years it initiated acceptance of the new constitution of the country which has begun new readout of its presidential terms. Then in the end of 1998 it it is unexpected for all declared carrying out of preschedule presidential election and has made everything that its basic contender did not participate in them eks - prime minister Akezhan Kazhegeldin against whom criminal case has been got. At last, in 1999 having received without struggle a presidential armchair, through obedient parliament mister Nazarbayev has spent the law on increase in term of presidential powers from four till seven years.
today anybody does not doubt Astana that on next, as a matter of fact, uncontested elections 2006 63 - summer Nazarbayev will type a necessary poll, and thus, real struggle for a presidential armchair can be developed only in 2013.
However, the Kazakh opposition lets know that will not wait for 2013. She intends to make active pressure upon mister Nazarbayev. As last week in the USA hearings on so-called " have begun; to business of Giffena Capable to strike blow on reputation unsinkable Noursultan .

the Oil spillage on reputation
In day when Noursultan Nazarbayev has told about the plans to remain with a state wheel, for thousand kilometres from Astana, in the USA, litigation which can complicate considerably plans " has begun; the eternal president . On Friday in New York hearings on business of the citizen of the USA, the former oil adviser of the Kazakh government James Giffena have opened. Earlier wrote about scandal round James Giffena in which whirlpool have appeared the higher officials of Kazakhstan, including the first person of the state are involved. We will remind that charges have been shown James Giffenu last year. The Office of Public Prosecutor of the USA insists that, working in republic, eks - the adviser gave bribes to two high-ranking Kazakh officials appearing in business as TO - 1 and TO - 2.
last month the Office of Public Prosecutor named the names disappearing under these abbreviations: under TO - 2 Noursultan Nazarbayev, and under TO - 1 - the former minister of petroleum industry and premieres - minister Nurlan Balgimbayev meant. The total sum of bribes appearing in materials of business, exceeds $78 million, thus it is considered that the lion`s share of these means has been translated on confidential bank accounts belonging to Noursultan Nazarbayev in Switzerland and the British Virgin Islands during the period between 1995 and 2000 years. The American Office of Public Prosecutor also accuses James Giffena of training payment at prestigious Swiss school of one of daughters of mister Nazarbayev, and also in attempts to cajole Noursultan Nazarbayev various gifts, including snowmobiles for the president and his wife.
it is visible, having remembered that the best way of protection - an attack, during Friday teleinterview Noursultan Nazarbayev has acted for the first time with a public statement concerning this scandal. On air of TV channel Habar which his daughter Dariga supervises, he has declared that charges brought against it in reception of bribes for the sum more than $60 million have under themselves no any bases. as James Giffen is the citizen of the USA and submits to jurisdiction of this country, this business is directed against it, it is not directed against one citizen of our country. Therefore I do not consider necessary to watch this process, especially to make comments on it, - the president has underlined. - as to communication with Kazakhstan, it only in one - mister Giffen was the non-staff adviser of the government for oil contracts. He concluded these contracts, by the way, our oil industry workers and are grateful today to it, saying to that these contracts have been concluded at high level, they completely considered interests of Kazakhstan - the president has added. He named charges on this business Insinuation, provocation and the juggling organised our fluent were prime minister - minister Kazhegeldin . We will remind that Akezhan Kazhegeldin, the were prime minister - the minister in 1994 - 1997, at present lives in exile. In 2001 after the disgraced official has joined opposition, he has been accused of corruption and in absentia sentenced to ten years of prison.
despite attempts of official Astana to lower scandal on brakes, business of Giffena the serious damage and without that not can cause to faultless image of a present Kazakh mode in the West. In the republic of the power again will try to establish round scandal information blockade - the blessing almost all mass-media in the country are under control to the government.
from its part, the opposition will try to bring of a litigation detail to the notice the population of Kazakhstan and to use them for pressure upon the president, achieving its resignation. Thereupon the recent statement of the former head of Agency on emergency situations of Zamanbeka Nurkadilova which have passed in opposition is remarkable. On one of briefings in Alma - Ate he has declared that if there will be an acknowledgement at least to one of the facts of abusings, Noursultan Nazarbayev Ro De At, sentenced to a life imprisonment for bribe reception can postignut a fate of the former president of South Korea. Probably, having considered an example of Ro De At insufficiently convincing, further eks - the minister has remembered that in Romania for an abuse of power president Chaushesku has been executed. Mister Nurkadilov also has declared that in Kazakhstan there was a real threat of change formally democratic system on a monarchy and delegations of power by right of succession Nazarbayev Darige`s oldest daughter. For these two years if the president does not leave, I am assured, he has conceived something terrible... He will make changes to the constitution which monarchy " on the sly will lead; - considers Zamanbek Nurkadilov.
Though Noursultan Nazarbayev never spoke about the successor, of Kazakhstan are assured that his oldest daughter Dariga can become the most probable candidate for presidents of the country when it will leave this post. Today Dariga Nazarbayev actively politicises. According to the experts, party headed by it Asar on general election coming through some months can type a majority of votes.
personally in the answer
the Announcement Noursultan Nazarbayev about the grandiose plans has coincided with the statement of the spouse of an in prison leader of democratic opposition of Kazakhstan Galymzhana Zhakijanova Karlygash as whom too to a certain extent it is possible to consider sensational. Having returned in the end of the past week from a colony where mister Zhakijanov (status which has officially received in the West of the political prisoner) serves time, she has declared: It is literally every minute is exposed not only to psychological pressure, but also threat to the physical existence . Simultaneously, has informed Karlygash Zhakijanova which are bezvylazno in a colony employees of special services continue attempts to conclude with the leader of opposition the political bargain: freedom in exchange for refusal of political activity. After that people party headed by mister Zhakijanovym the Democratic choice of Kazakhstan (DVK) has made the special statement: While Galymzhan Zhakijanov is in the prison, full responsibility for his life and health lies personally on the president of the country Noursultan Nazarbayev .
the Information that the authorities continue to strengthen pressure upon one of the main political opponents of mister Nazarbayev, says that the president of Kazakhstan is not going to fulfil completely yet the requirements which are put forward to it by the West. Though on the eve of the announcement of intention to stand for the next term Noursultan Nazarbayev has undertaken a number of steps which have been urged to show its readiness for country democratisation. The president of Kazakhstan has put a veto for the unpopular law on mass-media, and also has given kind on party registration DVK which applies for a role of leading oppositional force of the country. After that from mister Nazarbayev in the West waited for logic continuation - pardons of the leader of DVK Galymzhana Zhakijanova which immediate clearing demand the USA and EU. Such step would convince the West that Noursultan Nazarbayev, it having appeared under strong international pressure, has seriously headed for democratisation.
but as the statement of Karlygash Zhakijanovoj testifies, the situation with leader DVK, seemingly, does not change. It puts the president of Kazakhstan in a difficult situation. If the Kazakh special services continue to threaten and press on leader DVK under direct instructions of the president it turns out that he meaningly deceives the West. If all occurring to leader DVK - amateur performance of a presidential environment, means, the president any more does not supervise a situation in power structures.
recently the environment put time and again mister Nazarbayev in awkward position. So, under messages of the Kazakh mass-media, couple of months back the Presidential Administration has developed the plan on split of Communist Party of Kazakhstan which is influential oppositional force. Its double - Republic Kazakhstan Communist Party has been for this purpose created. The newly made party has spent constituent congress and already prepared for registration when lawyers have found out an incident. It has appeared that under the concept law Kazakhstan and Republic Kazakhstan are identical. So instead of new party the Presidential Administration has created a clone old, and scandal has turned out.
Not the smaller incident left, when the authorities have tried to prevent the action of supporters DVK which has organised on May, 8th, in birthday to Galymzhana Zhakijanova, a campaign to a colony in settlement Kushmurun where there is a leader of opposition. For this purpose on road on which there should be a march oppositionists, runnings of schoolboys to which had to run on steppe all day long have been urgently organised.
to leave an uneasy situation in which it has appeared, Noursultan Nazarbayev can, only having convinced and the population of the country, and the West of aspiration to spend real democratisation. Otherwise efforts of the West and democratic opposition in the country it can be put in such position when to think of new presidential terms it will appear senselessly.