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The smash hit will finish to Kiev

the Eurovision - 2004 the Ukrainian
has won competition a song

Correspondent BORIS - DRUMS, sitting in ten-thousand hall ABDI IPEKCI Arena, tried to present itself the average euroteleviewer with panel DU in a hand.
it is considered to be that from the point of view serious popular music unique essential achievement of competition the Eurovision for all its history became happened exactly 30 years ago having dug groups ABBA from songs Waterloo . Really, names, comparable on value with the Swedish quartet, in the list of winners for all 48 - summer history of competition it is not observed.
though if to dig more deeply, in the history of competition it is possible to find the third place of Domeniko Moduno with a megahit of all times Volare (1958), Kliffa Richard`s victories in 1968 - m, success of Dutches Teach - In from songs Ding - A - Dong (1975) which and can be found today on all piracy collections Best Disco next year the victory was gained by British Brotherhood forgotten nowadays of Men c an evergreen smash hit Save Your Kisses For Me and in 1988 of Switzerland the girl by name of Celine Dion has brought a victory. Last large smash hit which was not forgot to the European televiewers next morning after competition translation, has executed () in 1998 Dana International. But I will dare to assume that in the program of the ending of 2004 hardly there will be a song which irrespective of a festival context, from the various rotation adhered to event and promo - campaigns, straight off, that is called, will become history.
a management Russian the First channel Which represented our participant Julia Savichevu on competition, placed emphasis that the competition annually spent by the European broadcasting union, is first of all competition of songs, and already then executors. Authority of the composer and producer Maxim Fadeeva (Gljukoza, Katya Lel, Monokini, Factory of stars - 2 ) Did not cause doubts in anybody, and from the point of view of melodic and hit potential a song Believe Me enters into number, probably, five most successful numbers of competition. But the context in which Jule Savichevoj was necessary to act, has appeared rigid even in comparison with not the most optimistic expectations of the Russian public.
in Istanbul has passed competition not so much melodies, how many images, and among winners there were the most simple and rectilinear characters with accurately expressed address. The background for the five of winners was made by following categories of participants: young men in suits and with indispensable design koltunami in the hairdresses, singing something is monumental - epic; young men with the acoustic guitars, executing an average arithmetic between George Michael and song Extreme More Than Words ; Young men, after Riki Martin and Enrique Iglesias cultivating a field Latin diskoljubovnikov, and girls of different degree dlinnonogosti, singing a certain average European priest. It is that musical gumus which should not allow to the European televiewer to leave from the channel broadcasting the ending.
thrown in Wednesday of writing and removing brotherhood a cart that most of all chances of a victory at the Belgian singer Ksandi, has appeared an absolute duck. Extreme 22 - e the place of the Belgian has confirmed thought that all forecasts of professional musicologists easily collapse, facing household perception of the simple televiewer which competition at home behind a cup of coffee looks and to make the way to which it is possible only by means of very powerful teleimages.
compassionate Cypriote Liza Andreas Has made the way; the priest - competition by the fatal insurgent powerful Turkish ska - structure Athena, congenial both " has stirred up; to Leningrad and Smash Mouth (them For Real - a unique song which the author of these lines sang throughout business trip in Turkey); Greek Sakis Rouvas has decided that the easy striptease is that works always; the representative of Serbia and Montenegro Zhelko Joksimovich has shown very beautiful melody which has been got mixed up on ethnic motives, close both the Eastern Europe, and Asia.
the concept of Russian number has appeared too heaped up: fragile teenager Jule had to clamber on pyramids that Blacks - dancers with the skin painted in different colours built of the bodies. Having understood what to compete Jule it is necessary not with songs, and with pictures, Russian delegation has refused traditional execution to the accompaniment of group. God knows that ballet master Kamel Uali from Star Academy, the French analogue " meant involved for statement of number; Factories of stars - Probably, this certain combination of motives of acrobatic figures of times of Stalin parades, Brazilian kapoejry, bodi - arta and modern ballet. Anyway it the message public has not read. More or less serious points a song Believe Me has received from slav brothers - the sympathising Baltic and not indifferent to destinies of Russian art of our former compatriots from Israel. Thanking their voices of Russia it is not necessary in 2005 on the Eurovision to pass through a stage of semifinal selection.
Russia did not make any errors, - the director of a musical announcement ` the First channel ` Yury Aksjuta is assured. - simply from year to year we try to find the success recipe, algorithm on which it is possible to think up number or to find the executor with very good song which will pull out us from this vicious circle when we balance in a range from the lowest indicators to the second place .
Has won Ruslana - the successful and enterprising young lady from Lvov, having the advertising and successfully putting incomes in own promotion as singers. Hardly it is possible to imagine its song Wild dances in hot European radio rotation - even after the tenth listening in a head remains only usrednenno - folklore shi - di - ri - di - give - give but public was bought on performance. Ruslana as if has descended with kitchevyh a fantasy - Boris Valeho`s pictures. The eurospectator has believed in these proud drevneukrainskih characters in skins and with switches, it was hooked by a myth about sexy gutsulke, skipping on virgin Ukrainian steppe, and has got simple and intelligible primitive bit. Ruslana and its producers have guessed not with a melody - they have got to the spectator, whose finger constantly is on panel DU.