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At Kanna green ears

the Prize for Best Actor have grown designate to the hero of a cartoon film
festival cinema

first half of Cannes festival Has come to the end. It is already possible to tell that, despite strikes shaking quay Kruazett and protests, it has taken place as motion picture arts and film business event. From Kanna - ANDREY - PLAHOV.
the first Cannes prizes - awards Chopard Are handed over. The leader of opening ceremony Italian Laura Morante at evening at restaurant the Palm the Scourge has handed over to their two young actor`s talents - to Frenchwoman Marion Kotiljar and Latin American Rodrigo Santoro. These informal awards awarded already of sixth time, become rather appreciable in a motley Cannes landscape (in detail about delivery ceremony p. 8 see). Last years they were received to very few people by known debutants Ljudivin Sane, Pas Vega and Gael Garcia Bernal. Today all of them stars of the first echelon.
expansion of Spanish-speaking cinema is more and more notable. For the first time in history the Cannes festival has opened the Spanish picture. bad education Pedro Almodovar at first has met the mixed reaction, but the director was right, having told that this film leaves special poslevkusie. That there is at least an episode when young heroes of a picture where - that in the beginning 60 - h sexually long on a musical melodrama with Saroj Montel - to the acquaintance and our spectators the queen ` Shanteklera ` . Then it was considered to be that these films - consumer goods and platitude synonym. Have passed years, and they became cult, and Sara Montel - iberijskaja Marlene Dietrich - has found the status of bottoms - icons.
when hero Gaelja Garcia Bernalja learns to act in a female appearance, it takes a lesson from the transvestite simulating fine Saru . Also sings a song from repertoire of madam Montel with a refrain Quizas, quizas, quizas ( Probably, probably, probably ) Which has bypassed the whole world thanks to Wong Kar`s film - Vaja Love mood . So the modern cultural circle - from Spain - through Latin America - to Hong Kong, from pop genres to a refined aestheticism becomes isolated. On a party in honour of Almodovar`s film its actresses - Victoria Abril shone and Leonor Uotling, and actors (same Bernal and Javier Kamara) sang in the dresses one of which was prikid Umy Turman from to Kill Bill . By the way, Wong Kar`s new picture - Vaja 2046 with impatience wait in Kanne, and it is declared in the program on one of last days, but there is no confidence that the director will be in time it domontirovat.
In festival competition yet there was no failure, but its criteria look problematic enough. Poor mister Tarantino - it is difficult, and it would not be desirable to get into its skin. Try to choose between two estetskimi features (Japanese Nobody knows and Italian Love consequences ), two ambitious documentary tapes ( Mondovino and Farenheit 9. 11 ) And also vizionerskim a film of Emir Kusturitsy Life is wonderful . But on that it and Tarantino to make the rigid man`s decision.
one of variants of an unexpected choice - to award the Korean film the Old boy Park the Tub - Vuka, quite tarantinovsky an action about violence and to sweep. The second variant - a postmodernist animated cartoon SHrek - 2 the anthology of fantastic folklore which have voted Antonio Banderas, Cameron Dias, Eddi Murphy and other celebrities. All of them were flied in Cannes where, speak, a prize for a man`s role designate to Shreku drawn and sounded by a human voice. And special advertising girls distribute to passers-by green ears - precisely such, as in a film.
on Saturday in Kanne there was a Russian day about a press - conference of leading producers and representatives of Minkulta, a supper on 200 persons in one of beach restaurants and display in frameworks Weeks of criticism a film Koktebel Boris Hlebnikova and Alexey Popogrebsky presented here as sensation of year . In Cannes has arrived and Nikita Mikhalkov has started the duties of the chairman of jury Cinefondation. And on Sunday head of the grand jury - this time as the author of the second part " again has stepped on the stage; to Kill Bill which European premiere has passed here at an improbable congestion of the people. So the first Cannes weekend has come to the end.