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Ariel Sharon will get Palestinians from - under the earths

In it he hopes for the help of Egypt
the Near-Eastern conflict

Yesterday the higher judicial instance of Israel - the Superior court of justice has passed the decision concerning destruction of houses on suburb of the Palestinian city of Rafah. The Israeli military men have acquired the right to take down a building without the special permission of judges if soldiers are threatened with danger. If it is a question of the planned pulling down with a view of expansion of a frontier strip, tenants of houses can protest this decision in court. The head of the Israeli Joint Staff has declared yesterday that the army already marks hundreds the houses which are subject to a pulling down.
yesterday in the morning at planned cabinet council the head of the Joint Staff of the Israeli army the general - lieutenant Moshe Jaalon has told to ministers that the army has a plan of a reorganisation of territory around the Palestinian city of Rafah at egipetsko - the Israeli border. According to it is Israeli - to the Egyptian agreements, Rafah has appeared rassechen border on two parts. As a result of the house of Palestinians have appeared in tens metres from a boundary fence. The plan about which mister Jaalon spoke, provides expansion of the frontier strip named filadelfijskim a corridor and creation of a buffer zone in width in some hundreds metres (according to some information, it is a question of kilometre). As a matter of fact, it means a pulling down of hundreds Palestinian houses. Similar radical measures, from the point of view of Israelis, once and for all will solve a problem of underground tunnels, through which Palestinian insurgents receive the weapon from territory of Egypt.
Israelis consider a problem of tunnels strategic. an oxygen tube of the Palestinian terror - so the prime minister of Israel Ariel Sharon named them yesterday. Last three years filadelfijsky a corridor is a place of the most intensive fighting collisions between Israelis and Palestinians. The main task of Israelis - to reveal and destroy tunnels through which there is a weapons smuggling. Only from the beginning of this year it was possible to find out eleven subways, and for three years of their present intifada it has been destroyed more than hundred. Besides, the army tries to stop their building that is rather uneasy: the large quantity of inhabitants of Rafaha, for which this activity by time a unique source of incomes is engaged in digging of subways. Recently erected eight-metre wall leaving under the earth on 4 m.
According to the Palestinian data became last step to this struggle, for last week Israelis have destroyed 150 houses in Rafahe. Sources in the United Nations are told about 117 destroyed houses, by Israelis - about 30 - 40. So essential difference in figures speaks a relativity of the concept the house in the conditions of improbable narrowness of camp of refugees. At the same time in the Israeli army say that these destructions have no relation to the plan on expansion filadelfijskogo a corridor . It is a question of houses which were used by the Palestinian terrorists as fighting positions, for firing on the soldiers searching for remains of victims - the commander of a division of Gaza Strip brigade general Shmuel Zakaj has explained.
Meanwhile the international organisations qualify an event in Rafahe as new humanitarian accident. The secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan has urged Israel to stop a pulling down of the Palestinian houses immediately. Solidarity with this position was expressed also by US State Secretary Kolin Powell. we recognise the rights of Israel to self-defence, however we oppose destructions of houses in Rafahe - the head of State department has declared, acting at the international economic forum in Jordan. However, thus mister Powell has underlined that an obstacle in a way to the world is the head of the Palestinian administration Yasser Arafat.
on Friday the Israeli army has received instructions to suspend destruction of houses. It has occurred after 13 inhabitants of Rafaha have addressed in superior court of Israel with the requirement to forbid army to destroy their houses. Yesterday the court has taken out the verdict. It is authorised to military man to take down houses under condition of existence of immediate operative necessity or danger to life of soldiers. If it is a question of a planned pulling down what the project of expansion of a corridor is, for example, Palestinians can protest this decision in court. Thus local commentators pay attention on razmytost of concept operative necessity leaving with the military man a wide freedom of action.
a number of the Israeli analysts consider that operation on corridor expansion has not begun till now only because these days in Jordan passes the international economic forum in which Americans and Israelis participate. In their opinion, Ariel Sharon has postponed operation not to transform so dear meeting into congress on condemnation of Israel.
However there is one more way of a solution of a problem of tunnels. Each border has two parties. Missing Egyptian soldiers observe of fights between Palestinians and Israelis from boundary towers. The head of the Israeli Joint Staff has complained yesterday at cabinet council that Egyptians do not try to stop weapons smuggling at all. we carry on negotiations for change of conditions egipetsko - the Israeli peace treaty to allow them to deploy on border more effective military parts - Ariel Sharon has answered it.
still 20 years ago Israelis did not want to see elite parts of the Egyptian army on that party of border and have stipulated it in agreements. Today the situation is completely opposite. However the question consists in, whether Egyptians want to be involved in process of liquidation of the Palestinian terror.
negotiations with Cairo can introduce serious corrective amendments in Ariel Sharon`s new political plan which he has promised to present in two weeks. Let`s remind, its idea of branch according to which Israel should leave Gaza Strip and some settlements on the West Bank of Jordan, has failed on a party referendum Likud which leader is the head of the government. However in Israel supporters of the plan of Ariel Sharon, and, according to the Israeli commentators after in Gaza Strip for one week 13 soldiers were lost as a whole suffice, their number has essentially increased. So, on Saturday evening in centre Tel - Aviva there has passed demonstration of supporters of an exit from Gaza Strip. For Itshaka Rabin`s areas (that on which in 1995 the Israeli prime minister has been killed) has gathered about 150 thousand persons, though originally organizers of meeting expected to result on the area of 60 thousand persons to show that the number of Israelis supporting the plan of the prime minister, exceeds members Likuda voted against the initiative. It was the largest demonstration of the left camp since Itshaka Rabin`s murder.