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Dmitry Ayatskov named the customer of the business

towards to elections

On Saturday the governor of the Saratov region Dmitry Ayatskov for the first time has visited the Office of Public Prosecutor which has brought against its criminal case about excess of powers of office (see from May, 14th and 15). By data, mister Ayatskov has refused to answer questions of the inspector to a presentation to it charges. Probably, it will occur already today. This very day to area with short visit there has arrived the possible successor of mister Ayatskov on a post of the governor, vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.
Dmitry Ayatskov`s Call in Office of Public Prosecutor has been planned for 11 mornings on Monday, however the governor under own initiative has asked to reschedule an appointment on Saturday. It has come to Office of Public Prosecutor of the Saratov region together with the lawyer Vladimir Levchenko. Mister Ayatskov left Office of Public Prosecutor approximately in half an hour. He has refused to give evidences on business until accusation will not be brought to it. By words a press - the secretary of head of area Romana Chujchenko, conversation with the inspector has passed very correctly . On its results from the governor was the subscription about nevyezde is taken. Thus it can freely move not only across Saratov, but also on all area, and for the permission to trips to other regions or abroad he should address in Office of Public Prosecutor. However, according to mister Chujchenko, after consultations of the lawyer Dmitry Ayatskov can address to a consequence with the request to cancel this preventive punishment.
the first high-grade interrogation of the Saratov governor should pass today. On it, predictably, mister Ayatskov will hear charges which are shown to it by regional Office of Public Prosecutor.
we will remind, the Office of Public Prosecutor suspects governor Ayatskov that, holding of a post of the chairman of the regional government, it has admitted the order edition About debts repayment on customs payments . In 1998 the Saratov government has got for GU Regional food corporation the American combines Case. However August crisis has not allowed prodkorporatsii to pay in due time the customs duties at a rate of $7,3 million Obligation for a customs clearance has incurred the regional government. The corresponding letter has signed working then vitse - the governor and the vice-president of the regional government Sergey Shuvalov. On the end of 2001 the debt to customs with the run percent has made $8 million on January, 16th, 2002 the government of the Saratov region has let out the order #9 - PR About debts repayment on customs payments . Mister Shuvalov has signed it also, but the Office of Public Prosecutor insists that without the knowledge of Dmitry Ayatskov such document could not be born.
According to the order, the area Ministry of Finance has listed 70 million rbl. from the regional budget into the account of the Saratov customs under article The state support of agricultural commodity producers . This order at the initiative of Office of Public Prosecutor is already recognised by illegal Saratov arbitration court and appeal instance of arbitration court in Kazan. However attempt to make answerable Sergey Shuvalov heading now a regional thought, has ended with failure - the Saratov regional court has not found in its actions of structure of a crime.
now the Office of Public Prosecutor undertook mister Ayatskov who as she considers, has admitted the edition of the illegal order. Searches have begun with the end of last week and seizures of documents in various divisions of regional administration, besides, the public prosecutor of the Saratov region Anatoly Bondar has declared that criminal case originally brought concerning the governor on ch. 3 items 286 UK (excess of office powers) can replenish with new episodes. Among them - granting of tax privileges to the enterprises entering into system oblpotrebsojuza headed by the brother of the governor Vladimir Titaevym; a no-purpose expenditure of 4 million the rbl., allocated to district Atkarsk on protivopavodkovye actions; use by the governor to suit the own ends the company plane Saravia and so forth
the Position of the governor to which past Friday the public prosecutor has threatened with arrest in case of counteraction to a consequence, has not changed. Mister Ayatskov on - former considers that in its actions there was no crime structure (in the history with combines it proves the judgement on business of mister Shuvalov). Brought concerning its criminal case the governor names political: Public prosecutor`s workers have started election campaign, but they have made it catastrophically early (elections of the governor in the Saratov region are planned for March, 2005. - ) . Moreover, in radio station interview Echo Moscow mister Ayatskov named also concrete The customer is personally public prosecutor Vladimir Ustinov . With it at the Saratov leader have developed not the good relations still since then, when Dmitry Ayatskov in May, 2000 voted in Council of federation against the statement of mister Ustinova as the public prosecutor.
in the meantime to the Saratov region there has arrived old colleague Dmitry Ayatskov (see the inquiry) vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin whom many local observers designate in possible successors of the present governor. Yesterday it made a trip on the areas of area entering into its election district, and met voters. And on Saturday, just when Dmitry Ayatskov stayed in Office of Public Prosecutor, deputy Volodin in a city of Balakovo looked KVN with participation of local commands.
a situation connected with excitation of criminal case concerning governor Ayatskov, mister Volodin to make comments yesterday has not wanted. Abstains from the developed statements and a management of the Saratov branch an United Russia . The unique official comment of Party members consists that this business is purely criminal, and an United Russia does not wish to render any influence on an investigation course.