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The Ministry of Defence has played on a parent instinct

“ to Soldier`s mothers “ have found the double
state support

the All-Russia public organisation “ the Union of committees of soldier`s mothers “ asks money from large business on creation of the people party with the same name. According to the chairman of the union of Valentina Melnikovoj, today corresponding letters will be dispatched more than in 40 Russian companies. “ soldier`s mothers “ do not want to lag behind the Minister of Defence under which home nursing in a past week-end has taken place congress of Council of parents of military men.
with idea of creation of Uniform people party of soldier`s mothers active workers of the public union with the same name have acted in the beginning of February. The leader of movement of Valentine Melnikova explained then that mothers of the military men who have become pravozashchitnitsami, “ have settled already all nonviolent methods of influence on the power and have decided to become the power “. The party, on a plan of members of organising committee, should unite “ all supporters of a voluntary appeal and mirotvorchestva “ and to leave with these slogans on elections to Duma of 2008. The organising committee planned that in March congress of new political association will take place constituent. However while it was possible to send only the demand in Ministry of Justice and to receive the notice that “ the letter has reached the addressee “. “ the Deputy minister of justice Evgenie Sidorenko in one of interview hinted that at our party not all will be smooth with its department, - madam Melnikova tells, - but we did not receive an official interdiction for its creation “.
In the organisation as the basic obstacle of occurrence of political party consider nevertheless not Ministry of Justice, and absence of money. “ During presidential election we to anybody were not put at all, - have explained in organising committee, - but have now prepared letters to heads of large business with the request to help with carrying out of constituent congress “. The letter already will be dispatched today leading Russian businessmen, among which general director “ Rusala “ Alexander Bulygin, the chairman of board of directors of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ Anatoly Chubays, the governor of Chukotka Roman Abramovich (which in the letter it is named by the head of the company “ Sibneft “) And head “ Surgutneftegaz “ Vladimir Bogdanov. “ We write that we are going to protect by means of party the childhood, health and in general the nation future, - has retold an essence of the message madam Melnikova. - Also we hope that business - elite will not refuse to us material support “.
In the meantime the Ministry of Defence in a past week-end has carried out own action with participation of relatives of military men - congress of Council of parents of military men. “ one month ago governors have received letters from the Minister of Defence with the request to pay delivery and residing of the soldier`s mothers who are available in area, during congress in Moscow, - has informed the delegate of congress from Kareliya Valentine Vonti. - And governors of money of a distance “. However, congress declarations, under stories of participants, differed from habitual slogans army pravozashchitnits: “ Military men very much like the thesis that ` the people which does not want to feed the army, begin to feed another`s ` so us used to propagandise under our banners necessity of a general appeal and army power “.
In the All-Russia Union of committees of soldier`s mothers consider that the action of the Minister of Defence - “ distracting maneuver “ which should divide adherents of pacifism on “ oppositionists “ and “ statesmen “. “ It not the first attempt to create the organisation, the name, but not ideas duplicating ` Soldier`s mothers `, - remembers madam Melnikova. - After our first meetings in 90 - h the authorities already invited relatives of the lost soldiers in the separate organisation ` Heart of mother ` under home nursing of the authorities “. A year later, according to madam Melnikovoj, has arisen even “ Separate governmental department under the direction of otstavnika Anatoly Alekseeva, with the device and own building on Red Square “. However, according to heads of the Union of committees of the soldier`s mothers, that organisation never was real remedial force, and always was them “ the double “: “ It also cannot be another, after all the organisation patronised by the state, never can cut this state “.
In Council of parents of military men with such position do not agree. “ It is impossible to remain in deaf opposition, to refuse contact to the state “ - one of participants of the congress, wished to remain not named has informed. The present leader of council Galina Shaldikova also is convinced that cooperation with the authorities goes on advantage of its organisation: “ We lift not personal, but the state problems. Without mothers of army will not be “.