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Young consumers prefer drinks with which help it is possible to do cocktails
questions has answered ANNAS NJUDZHENT, expert Euromonitor International on the market of alcoholic production.
- why we observe growth of volumes of vodka in the Western Europe while volumes of the market of wine and beer fall?

- Vodka shows considerable growth as in many West European markets the same trend, as in the USA is observed. Vodka wins from the factor miscibility - consumers prefer more sweet drinks. Decrease in consumption of wine and beer should be considered in a following context. Beer is mature a product in many countries of Western Europe, including Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. The consumer base of this drink in these countries grows old, therefore is consumed ever less beer. At the same time younger consumers prefer cocktails ready to the use which, in particular, are popular in Germany, and also drinks which can be mixed in cocktails, that is vodka.

the same trend is observed in countries of Western Europe with traditional wine culture. It influences reduction of sales volumes of wine in France, Italy and Spain which total half of general sales of wine in Europe - these countries pulls downwards indicators of all Europe. In Germany, one more large wine market, demand also is low. The situation in these four countries, however, hides the changes occurring in other European states where the wine culture not so is traditional a little. It is a question of Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden and Ireland where the wine market actively grows.

- what else factors influence change of structure of consumption of alcohol in Europe?

- Besides generational factors there are also other reasons. So, in Spain until recently among young generation showed phenomenal success an adhesive tape and kola, however now the situation changes. The new generation is under a greater influence of the Latin American culture where such drinks, as rum or vodka are popular. About the same occurs and in Great Britain: an adhesive tape and brendi, drinks of more senior generation, get out of fashion, and their place is occupied with vodka.

- in what detailed marks of vodka in Europe can result?

- As vodka is a pure, insipid spirit, all depends on its brand and image. Therefore brands which are already conventional, such as Grey Goose, most likely, will not be mentioned. In the long-term period of the company will do, most likely, an emphasis that the vodka made of a potato or cereals, is present Vodka, also will position such brands above that are made from other raw materials, and it will put price pressure upon last brands. There can be complexities and in trade system on - trade (goods sale in a place where it is used, for example, in a bar. - ) which does not demand a concrete brand while the consumer demands vodka. In this case such brands as, for example, Glen Catrine - the basic on - trade a brand in Great Britain, become from a sugar beet. As it is the cheap goods, at trade they can do good profit. Such brands will be subject to legislative changes.