Rus News Journal

Board and the mayor

do not join to holding a meeting for the sake of interest . At first learn, whether meeting is authorised, for what acting people agitate;
do not enter not registered organisations. Participation in actions of such organisations can entail criminal punishment;

do not join crowd how it would be desirable to look at occurring events;

do not hold a hand in pockets.

action at threat of fulfilment of act of terrorism

do not kick in the street the subjects lying on the earth;

at explosion or the shooting beginning immediately fall to the ground, it is better under cover (a border, trading tent, the car). For bolshej safety cover a head with hands;

fall even in a dirt, do not run.

Capture in hostages

Be attentive, try to remember signs of criminals, distinctive features of their persons, clothes, names, nicknames, possible scars and tattoos, features of speech and a behaviour manner, subjects of conversations;

be ready to Spartan to living conditions: to inadequate food and the conditions of residing inadequate to toilet conveniences;

try to come into contact to security guards. If security guards on contact do not go, talk as though to itself, read in a low voice verses or sing;

do not trust terrorists. They can speak anything you like, but pursue only the interests.