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For failure Zenith Ukrainians

will answer preliminary results of work interstate Russian - the Ukrainian commission on investigation proisshedshej " carrier rocket failures became known on January, 31st yesterday; Zenith - 3SL . According to experts, most the factory marriage admitted by manufacture of the carrier in NPO " could become a failure plausible reason; JUzhmash (Dnepropetrovsk).
the Interstate commission on investigation of failure of " carrier rocket; Zenith - 3SL has started to work in Dnepropetrovsk last week. We will remind that failure has occurred on the first minute of flight of the carrier starting on January, 31st with six-ton commercial Dutch telecommunication companion NSS - 8 (see from February, 1st). Device start-up has taken place from the sea self-propelled platform Odissey of international cosmodrome Sea Launch which were in an equatorial zone of Pacific ocean. As a result of failure hardly risen over start Zenith - 3SL has failed on a platform on which there was a strong fire.

Odissey remained afloat and now Long - the Scourge where should arrive on February, 17th follows under the own steam in the port of registry. After that experts should examine and start fault detection, and also to define volume of the necessary is repair - a recovery work. According to experts, it can lead to a suspension of start-up from cosmodrome Sea Launch not less than on half a year. And it means wrecking of the plans of starts Zenith - 3SL : from the planned six start-up can be executed no more than three - four.

as has informed yesterday a source in the commission, as a result of the analysis of the rocket which have arrived from a board of the telemetering information experts have come to a conclusion that most a failure plausible reason is not malfunction established on the first step Zenith - 3SL The Russian engine RD - 171 (this version originally dominated), and rupture of a highway of giving of liquid oxygen from a fuel tank in the engine. It can testify to the admitted factory marriage by carrier manufacture in NPO JUzhmash .

Right after emergency start-up of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation has suspended works on preparation for start of same " carrier rocket; Zenith - 2 with the military-oriented companion the Virgin soil - 2 . Under data, its start-up from Baikonur has been planned for March, 1st. And yesterday, as has transferred Interfax - AVN corporation Lockheed Martin has informed that start by the let out this American company of Atlas carrier rocket - V with six military-oriented devices for the Pentagon (it is planned for February, 23rd) is postponed before official announcement of results of causes of accident of the rocket Zenith - 3SL . The matter is that at the first step Atlas - V engine RD - 180, created Khimki NPO " is established; energomash on the basis of RD - 171.