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Minoritarii the Perm motors were engaged vydvizhenchestvom

Yesterday minoritarii the Perm motors (PM), 2 % of actions owning more, have directed to a society the offer on promotion as the candidate for councillors of directors of Victor Kobelev. Mister Kobelev, till 2001 heading PM, is considered one of critics of a present management of joint-stock company. According to shareholders, Victor Kobelev, having entered into board of directors, can protect the rights minoritariev PM. In a top - management PM are assured that the basic shareholders of joint-stock company will not support a nominee of the oppositionist. This week promotion of candidates in councillors of directors of Open Society " comes to the end; the Perm motors . The Board of directors will be generated this summer at annual meeting of shareholders PM. Till February, 15th the largest shareholders of joint-stock company, including - Rosimushchestvo and the Perm motor factory which representatives last years formed a basis of board of directors PM should present the lists. However it is unexpected in struggle for representation in corporate controls have joined minoritarii PM. As Vladimir Ditjatev, shareholders of joint-stock company, mainly - physical persons has told minoritary PM, have decided to unite efforts and to propose own candidate - the former general director Victor Kobelev.

under charter PM to propose the candidate for board of directors the shareholders owning more 2 % have the right. According to mister Ditjateva, for promotion eks - general directors has subscribed over 160 minority shareholders as a group owning of 2,289 %. It enjoys authority among minority shareholders and takes up the problems PM for a long time - Vladimir Ditjatev has explained promotion. Also minoritarii have suggested to include in the summons of annual meeting of shareholders the report of the former general director of a management company the Perm engine-building complex (UK PMK) Alexander Inozemtseva about results of management PM for last three years (UK PMK operated the Perm motors from February, 2004 till February, 2007. - ).

Open Society the Perm motors it is taken by service of accounts payable of last years, renders protection services, operates factory real estate. According to joint-stock company for III quarter 2006, the gain has made 84,9 million roubles, net profit - 23,05 million roubles. Till February, 2006 Joint-Stock Company " coped; UK PMK . The basic shareholders: Open Society the Perm motor factory - 37,3 %, Rosimushchestvo - 14,25 %, Joint-Stock Company DKK (nominal derzhanie) - 10,8 %, FGUP GKNPTS M.V.Hrunicheva`s name - 5,2 %, Open Society Gazprom - 2,88 %. Other shares (about 26 %) are sprayed among 37 thousand physical and legal bodies. Mister Kobelev headed the Perm motors Till autumn of 2001, however has been compelled to retire from - for disagreements with proprietor PM of that time - HK Interros . It was selected the deputy regional ZS and till 2006 with current activity PM did not interfere. Then Victor Kobelev became one of critics of actions a top - management PM and operating at that time Motors Joint-Stock Company UK PMK . So, the discontent of the deputy and supported it minoritariev was caused by a number of transactions of the beginning of 2004 when board of directors PM has made the decision to transfer a number of the basic actives of the company in Joint-Stock Company authorised capital stock Reform - PM . Among transferred there were packages of some auxiliary and service companies PM, and also the basic active - 21,15 % - nyj a share holding of the Perm motor factory (PMZ). Now actives are in Joint-Stock Company Sales which Vneshtorgbank (VTB) and AFK " supervise; System . Asserting that then took place to be a conclusion of actives minoritarii led by Victor Kobelev addressed in regional and regional Offices of Public Prosecutor, and also in Rosimushchestvo and Rosprom.

Now minoritarii PM have put forward mister Kobelev the candidate for councillors of directors. The former general director has declared , what not in a course of the promotion. if me will select, means, I will have an admission to the information on joint-stock company which was not accessible to minority shareholders - deputy ZS believes. At the same time Victor Kobelev considers that would be more correct to include in board of directors of the representative of veteran organisation PM: But if voters want me - well, forward! .

the Source in a top - management PM has declared that problems with inclusion in the list of mister Kobelev, most likely, will not be: it will pass in other - whether the Question following the results of voting. All depends on an appearance . Victor Kobelev agrees that supports of the shareholders owning of 2 % of voices, in its opinion can include it in the list, but, it will appear insufficiently. According to a source in a top - management PM, the Perm motor factory supervised VTB and System will not render to the oppositionist of support.

however Vladimir Ditjatev is assured that chances at Victor Kobelev are. now all depends on how he will take up the problems of 37 thousand minority shareholders - mister Ditjatev considers. First of all, according to Vladimir Ditjateva, minoritarii now want to achieve, that at holding creation (now shareholders of the Perm motor companies discuss possibility of creation of the centre dvigatelestroenija. - ) their actions PM have been redeemed at the fair price or were obmeneny on the action of again created holding in which project interests PM, its shareholders " are not considered;.

Others minoritarii PM podpisantov do not divide optimism. The owner of actions PM, head FG PM - Invest Oleg Starodubtsev considers that occurrence of mister Kobelev in board of directors will change nothing: the Society operates according to the charter. There will be a separate opinion at Kobelev on board of directors - well will write down it in the report. But to solve - that destiny of the enterprise there will be all the same a majority in council .
Vyacheslav Sukhanov