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the World champion at last has become famous

Employees of a criminal investigation department of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region have detained in the end of the past week members of the criminal group which have made more of 30 attacks on salons of cellular communication. Among arrested persons the former sportsman Vyacheslav Datsik having a nickname Red Tarzan and naming with the world champion on fights without rules.
gangsters have detained, when they have come to the secondhand dealer to hand over party from 60 stolen cellular telephones which as consider in criminal office of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Petersburg, have been stolen past Wednesday from salon ultra in National street, 32. Field investigators suited an ambush at apartment of the secondhand dealer, and when three robbers have entered into the house, have detained them and the secondhand dealer. In criminal investigation department have told that operation became result of laborious operative work in which course militiamen have studied receipt channels in shops of a city of cellular telephones of a doubtful origin.

as the Occasion to start investigation statements from owners of several salons of trading networks " have served; TSifrograd and the Euronetwork . In the last some months in Petersburg have been made tens attacks on cellular communication salons, and all under one scheme. Before salon closing when there any more there were no buyers, the shop included strong young men and under the threat of the weapon compelled sellers to open a show-window. Robbers took away phones and a day gain. The scheme worked without failures - criminals chose small shops in which there was no protection.

the former sportsman Vyacheslav Datsik on prozishchu Red Tarzan who names itself the world champion on fights without rules has appeared one of the robbers detained by field investigators. Meanwhile, as the chief executive of the Petersburg association of fighters without rules Mix has informed - Fight 1 Stanislav Hramov, Vyacheslav Datsik does not concern this organisation. In 1995 - 1996 it some times took part in our tournaments, but how much I remember, basically suffered defeats - mister Hramov has told. Under data, last years Vyacheslav Datsik some times participated in small club tournaments on Thai boxing in Moscow and Petersburg. Last time - in the tournament organised by the Moscow fight club Arbat in 2003.

the court has given out the sanction on Vyacheslav Datsika`s arrest and its two accomplices. Accusations in armed assault fulfilment on cellular communication salon in National street are brought to all three. As have informed at criminal office of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of St.-Petersburg, now there is a gathering of proofs about participation of arrested persons at least to 30 more to similar attacks .

, St.-Petersburg