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Sibur - Holding has estimated the project on release minudobreny

Sibur - Holding has found the head for holding created by the company on release minudobreny - Open Society Sibur-mineral fertilizers (Sibur - MA). The native from Evraz Group 37 - summer Andrey Teterkin became them. Will form However holding other person - the trustee Gazprom head Mezhregiongaz Cyril Seleznev. He intends to create analogue AHK Nitrogen the chemical holding which has collapsed by today which when - that supervised Mezhregiongaz . Project cost is estimated in $1,2 billion In December, 2006 to new structure Sibura 76 % of actions of Open Society " have been transferred; Nitrogen (Kemerovo) and Open Society Orton engaged in production processing Nitrogen . Into new holding should enter belonging to Gazprom 18 % of actions Cherepovets nitrogen and 14 % of actions Minudobreny (Rossosh, the Voronezh region). By estimations of analysts, now actives of Sibur - MA stand $200 - 220 million, shares in Cherepovets nitrogen and Minudobrenijah - on $70 million Kernel of new holding should become Toljattiazot (it is estimated in $700 - 800 million) - negotiations about purchase of the manufacturer of ammonia largest in the country have already begun.
Andrey Teterkin was born on October, 31st, 1969 in Vitebsk. Has ended Military institute of the Minister of Defence, Financial academy at the government of the Russian Federation, has degree MBA. With 1998 - go for 2000 worked in NK YUKOS, with 2002 - go for 2007 - in Evraz Group.
Vladimir Ravinsky