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The national computer will cost $530

Mininformsvjazi yesterday has summed up the tender under the program the Computer in each house . Winners of a steel of the company Kompjulink and Kraftvej received an exclusive right to deliver monthly 20 thousand personal computers in four pilot regions since February of this year. The price for the budgetary computer with the monitor will make about $530, that is the declared volumes will allow two suppliers to increase cumulative sales a minimum by $127,2 million a year.
Mininformsvjazi of the Russian Federation declared yesterday winners of the tender for realisation of the pilot project the Computer in each house . From seven applicants among whom were eksimer To - Sistems Depot kompjuters Infomash (a trade mark - Rover), the Neoauction Akvarius Kraftvej and Kompjulink The competitive commission has confirmed as suppliers two last companies which have submitted the collective demand. The others, according to Mininformsvjazi, have given or the incomplete information, or have offered the personal computer at inflated prices. the majority konkursantov did not have international certificates of quality ISO 9001 on separate making personal computers or the data about software versions, - the director of department of strategy of construction of an information society of Mininformsvjazi of the Russian Federation Oleg Bjahov has noted. - After preliminary elimination remains only three companies: ` Kompjulink `, ` Kraftvej ` and ` To - Sistems `, but last has offered the personal computer on the average on 1,5 thousand rbl. more expensively competitors .

According to plans of Mininformsvjazi of the Russian Federation, within the limits of the program the Computer in each house citizens of Russia will have an opportunity to get the personal computer in more than 40 thousand branches Mails of Russia on all country. Mainly, the project is calculated on rather poor levels of population, at which else there is no personal computer house. The prices for the personal computer will be fixed, irrespective of a residence of the buyer. All personal computers will be delivered with preestablished ON from Microsoft and processors from Intel. If the pilot stage of realisation of the program satisfies the ministry, the tender for personal computer deliveries in scales of Russia will be declared in the summer.

personal computers will be on sale through branches Mails of Russia in four pilot regions: since February of this year in the Chelyabinsk and Tomsk areas, since March - in the Arkhangelsk region and Krasnodar territory. Chuvashiya has not passed selection - the ministry has requested additional data on measures of support of realisation of the program of a region management. Only after that the republic can receive the status of pilot region. Computers will be delivered in four configurations: accessible at the price of 14,8 thousand rbl., optimum - for 25 thousand rbl., Exclusive - for 30 thousand rbl. and the laptop - for 21,4 thousand rbl. In Mininformsvjazi have underlined that it is the prices for end users.

according to mister Bjahova, it is required to the ministry at least three months to draw conclusions on efficiency of the project. if we will be satisfied with demand the tender for project realisation in scales of all Russia will be already declared in the summer of this year. Now we speak about the bottom lath of sales volume in all pilot regions at a rate of 20 thousand personal computer a month. If demand is more low Mininformsvjazi will consider other ways of a computerisation of the population in regions. For example, the preferential taxation or special systems of crediting of the population at personal computer purchase - Oleg Bjahov has underlined. However, the president of a group of companies Kompjulink Michael Ljashch is assured that business will not reach change of the concept, and the program without problems leaves on an indicator of 20 thousand computers in a month. If suppliers are possible manage on set Mininformsvjazi level, during a pilot stage Kompjulink and Kraftvej can receive from personal computer sale monthly on 280 - 500 million rbl. should be noticed that predicted sales volumes at project realisation in scales of all Russia, according to Mininformsvjazi of the Russian Federation, will make about 1 million personal computer a year.

according to an analyst of company J ` Son and Partners Sergey Savin, the named prices practically do not differ from market and hardly will change the status - kvo. For $500 now it is possible to buy the personal computer and in usual retail networks of the same Krasnodar territory, therefore I not so understand, at the expense of what the companies plan to reach such sales volumes - mister Savin has noted. In Mininformsvjazi underline that the idea of the program consists not only in the prices, but also that the buyer can get the computer everywhere where there are branches Mails of Russia Including in strongly remote settlements.