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Elephant slaughter

Office of Public Prosecutor of Lenin area of Nizhni Novgorod inspects on   to an incident occasion in   the Azerbaijan cafe « the Gold elephant » on   to Bauman`s street. In   the end of last week there there was a mass fight with   participation of fighters of OMON. Police officers have arrived to understand with   the workers of the cafe who ostensibly have shortchanged their wives   colleagues. However in   dismantling have been involved and   extraneous visitors from   numbers of the Azerbaijan diaspora. In   result of fight seven Azerbaijanians and   have suffered; two OMON fighters. As has told « » the manager of cafe « the Gold elephant » Vahab Aliev, incident in   night with   8   on   the company from   on February, 9th has provoked; four girls which has refused to pay on   to accounts. Especially defiantly, on   to words of workers of cafe, one of   behaved; girls on   Name Oksana represented by the employee of Office of Public Prosecutor. On   to a call of girls there have arrived two drunk young men. « I   left with   them in   the platform to talk, but   they have been adjusted at once on   fight, having told that war » now will begin;   and #151; the manager has told. Further, on   to its words, him have started to beat, waiters and   the personnel have rushed on   a gain, but   one of   come « has sprinkled with gas ». After even any time in   cafe there has arrived the OMON dress, « about ten submachine gunners ». « Us on   turns have dragged out on   street, have put on   chetverenki and   have started to kick. Then one of   OMON fighters has taken out them   kitchens a teapot and   has started to water us with boiled water »   and #151; Vahab Aliev (on   has told; the person at   It, except podzhivajushchih bruises, the trace from   is really visible; a burn.   and #151; « ») .
Further seven Azerbaijanians have squeezed in   minibus UAZ and   delivered in   Lenin RUVD, whence it   have caused the fast. On   to Vahaba Aliev`s words, its hackneyed fellow countrymen have refused in   medical aid in   two hospitals: « the Doctor on duty to us has told: and #132; As I   you, black, I hate! And #147; ». In   hospital Vahabu knew to Aliev that two its offenders also have appeared employees of OMON (to it   it was necessary to render medical aid).
the Informed circle in   law enforcement bodies has informed « » that having a rest in   cafe to girls not   the brought account then there was a conflict with   was pleasant; cafe administration, and   visitors have caused the husbands. « there have arrived two drunk OMON fighters in   civil, have struck the manager. After that mass fight, as to it on   was fastened; Help waiters and   have rushed; visitors - the Azerbaijanians, looking football »   and #151; the interlocutor has told, having explained that one of   police officers, defending, « two - three times » has shot in   the party attacking from   a gas pistol. On   to source words, it having appeared in   minority, militiamen have called the colleagues on   « base of OMON » then « there has arrived group, and   all otmudohali ».
Informally sources in   the Municipal Departments of Internal Affairs have confirmed the information that has happened « household quarrel » between wives of employees of OMON and   cafe administration on   to an account occasion for   a supper. Two OMON fighters who have arrived to gain the spouses, are hospitalised. « no national underlying reason here is present! »   and #151; have assured in   the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, having added that on   the help of two victims on   « UAZ » there have arrived four fighters of OMON, and   « not   a platoon in   20   the person » as assure in   to the Azerbaijan diaspora.
the chief of department of the information and   public relations of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Alexander Gorbatov has explained that the given incident became a subject of office check on   lines of Office of Public Prosecutor and   managements of own safety of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. « actions of all participants of this state of emergency » will be estimated;   and #151; mister Gorbatov has underlined a word « all ».
In   the turn spiritual management of Moslems of the Nizhniy Novgorod region (DUMNO) on   the official site has extended the statement that the region became again « the centre of international enmity ». DUMNO also has informed that beaten « to   semideath » and   the Azerbaijanians poured by boiled water in   militia department have written the application on   Name of the public prosecutor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region, however to accept it have refused. In   Leninsk RUVD have denied this information, having informed that on   a scene in   that   night left is investigatory - operative group of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the area, all participants of incident have been interrogated, and   the check material is directed in   regional Office of Public Prosecutor for « decision-making ».
On   to the data « » now check on   to fight in   cafe « the Gold elephant » the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Lenin area establishing all circumstances happened spends. Most likely, subsequently criminal case will be brought. Meanwhile in   the area Municipal Departments of Internal Affairs have informed « » that with   the parties of Azerbaijanians   one person to   this time not   has written the application in   law enforcement bodies.
Roman Krjazhev