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  Municipal elections On a post of the head of Semenovsky area were registered four candidates Election committee of the Nizhniy Novgorod region has registered four candidates on a post of the head of administration of the Semenovsky area which elections will pass on March, 11th, 2007. In elections will take part and. An island of the head of administration of Semenovsky area Nikolay Noskov who has been put forward by party “ an United Russia “; self-promoted workers - the master of a building site Sergey Kosterin and the editor of the public newspaper “ National veche “ Alexander Prorubshchikov, and also the applicant from LDPR the director of Open Company “ Borregionstroj “ Vladimir Semenov.
RIA “ the Kremlin “

  State control the Plenipotentiary will toughen supervision of realisation of national projects Eight criminal cases connected with plunder of money resources, the priority national projects allocated for realisation, has been raised in Privolzhsky federal district in 2006. The assistant to the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation yesterday has informed on it in PFO George Matjushkin, summing up session of working group of Council at the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in PFO on monitoring and control over realisation of priority national projects. According to George Matjushkina, the number of regions where there were attempts to use the means allocated for realisation of national projects, included the Nizhniy Novgorod and Penza areas, and also Republic Bashkortostan. G - n Matjushkin has noticed that in 2007 the device of the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in PFO will toughen control over realisation of priority national projects. As George Matjushkin has informed, at the device of the plenipotentiary constantly operating working group which will trace the financial streams directed on realisation of national projects is created, and if necessary to leave in unsuccessful regions.
NIA “ Nizhni Novgorod “

  the Declaration on intentions OMK chooses the supplier of the equipment for creation of manufacture of a steel sheet of Joint-Stock Company “ the Incorporated metallurgical company “ (OMK) in March - April of current year will sum up competition on delivery of the equipment for creation of own manufacture of steel wide sheet (“ the Camp 5000 “) In Vyksunsky area of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. As informs a press - service OMK, now the company has conducted marketing researches of the market of thick-walled sheet, has developed the technological concept and the technical project. We will remind that creation of manufacture of steel wide sheet is planned to finish by 2010. The complex will consist of two manufactures one of which - steel-smelting - will take place at Chusovsky metal works (CHMZ), another - steel-rolling - in Vyksunsky area. CHMZ will let out preparations which then by rail will be perenapravljatsja to Vyksa for release of the sheet hire which width will make 4 200 mm, a thickness - 48 mm, group of durability-from X70 to X120. “ the Camp 5000 “ will let out wide sheet for manufacture of pipes in diameter to 1 420 mm. The volume of output of a new camp will make 1,2 million tons of sheet. “ a camp 5000 “ Will allow to provide completely with wide sheet industrial lines of Vyksunsky metal works. Building “ the Camp 5000 “ will begin in 2007, release of the first consignment of goods is planned for the first quarter 2010. By calculations of experts OMK, cost of a similar complex makes from $800 million to $1 billion Now OMK buys sheets from Open Society “ Severstal “ and also at the German, Japanese and Korean manufacturers.
“ IF - region “

  Telecommunications “ VolgaTelekom “ invests in Open Society payphones “ VolgaTelekom “ in 2007 within the limits of the contract with Federal communication agency will establish in the Nizhniy Novgorod region of 3,306 thousand universal payphones. As they say in a press - company release, all in Privolzhsky federal district “ VolgaTelekom “ will establish 16,465 thousand payphones. Settlements for installation of payphones are defined in the competitive documentation placed on a site of Mininformsvjazi, and the contract with Federal communication agency. Installation of payphones will be finished by September, 1st, 2007. Investment expenses of Open Society “ VolgaTelekom “ on realisation of the given project will make 2,4 mlrd rbl. In remote areas building of cable lines in which is interfaced to considerable expenses, radio means will be applied to the communication organisation, including radio relay stations, radio extensions, the equipment of a user`s radio access and satellite communication.
“ NTA - Privolzhe “

  the Sanction Anton Averin have warned for a prorumble Yesterday at operative meeting in the mayoralty Bottom mayor Vadim Bulavinov has disposed to prepare reprimand to the director of municipal authority “ Central administrative board on building of underground, bridges and roads “ To the deputy of a municipal duma Anton Averin who has not was on meeting. “ if will not come on operativku in the second time, we will discharge of a post “ - the head of administration of Nizhni Novgorod absent g - well has threatened Averin.
Roman Krjazhev

  Human rights the Strasbourg court has accepted the complaint nizhegorodtsa on tortures in militia the European court under human rights has registered the next complaint of the Russian to tortures in militia. The inhabitant of Nizhni Novgorod Alexey Levashov asserts that in 2004 when he was 17 years old, militiamen beat it, forcing to admit robbery. After him beat and smothered some persons, Alexey Levashov has agreed to write grateful indications from dictation. Alexey Levashov`s father has addressed in area Office of Public Prosecutor, however excitation of criminal case upon beating of the teenager has been refused. In 2006 legality of the decision of the inspector was confirmed with court of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. After that legal experts have directed the complaint to Strasbourg.
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  Shipbuilding “ Red Sormovo “ has floated the third vessel for Palmali Group Open Society “ Ship-building factory „Red Sormovo“ “ (Nizhni Novgorod, is included into group “ Sea and oil and gas projects “ MNP) has floated the third vessel of project RSD17 for navigable company Palmali Group (Turkey). As has informed a press - group MNP service, the vessel has received name Shirvan in honour of historical area of Azerbaijan. The contract provides building of five dry-cargo ships of the given project. Head vessel Mirzaga Khalilov has been transferred the customer in November of current year, Ismayl Shikhly - the second vessel of the given project, lowered in the end of December, 2006. Dry-cargo ship RSD17 is intended by deadweight of 6 270 tons of the limited navigation area for transportation of all kinds of the basic cargoes, metal, grain, wood, coal, large-sized and heavy cargoes.
“ IF - region “

  Metallurgy the Vyksunsky metal works have begun deliveries of pipes to Uzbekistan Vyksunsky metal works (VMZ, the Nizhniy Novgorod region, is a part of the Incorporated metallurgical company, OMK) have put to Uzbekistan the second party of pipes of the big diameter proof to hydrosulphuric rastreskivaniju. About 7,7 thousand tons of pipes in diameter of 530 mm of 19 and 22 mm are shipped by thickness of a wall for gas pipeline building “ Northern Nishan, Kamashi, Beshkent “. In 2007 of delivery for this project proof to hydrosulphuric rastreskivaniju pipes will be continued. Pipes for uzbekistanskogo project VMZ for the first time has made of a sheet steel of mark 08ΓΑΤ - At. They have the raised class of durability Κ50 and are intended for operation in an excited environment - transportations from crafts of not drained gas containing hydrogen sulphide, and correspond to individual requirements of the project. The working out project gazokondensatnyh deposits Northern Nishan, Kamashi, Beshkent and other deposits in Buharo - Khivan neftegazonosnom region carries out joint venture “ Gissarneftegaz “ created by the Swiss company Zeromax and NHK “ Uzbekneftegaz “. After an exit on designed capacity of the joint venture “ Gissarneftegaz “ will extract to 3 mlrd gas cubic metre a year.
Ivan Sergeev

  Municipal economy sports Palace reconstruct on competition the Government of the Nizhniy Novgorod region will allocate 17,4 million rbl. for working out of the project of reconstruction of the Palace of sports “ Nagornyj “ in Nizhni Novgorod. As they say in the message, open competition on the right of working out of the project will take place on April, 2nd, 2007. It is planned that the project will be developed till November, 2007. According to the competitive documentation the company - the winner should execute the project of reconstruction of a building of the Palace of sports taking into account replacement of ice arena and increase in seats to 5,6 thousand, reconstruction of facades according to modern requirements. The project of reconstruction of the first stage should include creation of a hockey platform of the standard sizes with tribunes, judicial locker rooms and locker rooms for training process with a shower and a sauna, ekipirovochnyh rooms, buffets, trainer`s rooms, a many-sided board over the centre of a platform or two angular boards, kommentatorskih cabins, point of hire of the fads, a choreographic hall. Besides, the reconstruction project the VIP - zones on 100 places for guests of honour and the VIP - boxes on 10 places should provide creation. The project of reconstruction of the second turn of a palace assumes creation of the universal multipurpose is sports - a game hall with locker rooms and trainer`s rooms, and also building ofisno - administrative and trading premises. Including the project should include creation of office premises for employees of a palace and attendants, a conference - a hall on 60 places, a museum of sports, library and a videoshop, shop of the sports goods, the medical centre of physiotherapy, a laundry - dry-cleaners, beer restaurant and the Internet - cafe.
Lyudmila Aristov

  the Power and mass-media In Dzerzhinsk have detained the French journalists Yesterday in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Nizhniy Novgorod region have informed on detention of the French journalists around range on warehousing of a firm household waste “ Igumnovo “ (Dzerzhinsk). As have informed in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, journalists have been delivered in police station for an identification and after performance of all necessary formalities are released. A film-making brigade of private TV channel France TV - 24 led by journalist Romanom Gogelenom and the correspondent of Parisian daily economic newspaper La Tribune of Emanuel Grinspen have been detained by employees of protection of range and are delivered in the second police station of Dzerzhinsk. Journalists have explained the visit on the Nizhniy Novgorod dump necessity to check up the information of the American ecological fund Blacksmith Institute which has named Dzerzhinsk by one of the dirtiest cities of the world, and range “ Igumnovo “ - “ the largest dump in Europe “. We will remind, in October, 2006 the American fund Blacksmith Institute named 10 most polluted places on a planet. Dzerzhinsk became the second of the cities named fund. However in the end of October representatives Blacksmith Institute have officially denied the information that Dzerzhinsk takes the second place in a rating of the most polluted cities of the world.