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Autoconcerns do not find the necessary spare parts

Yesterday in hotel Baltic representatives of various directions of car industry have discussed a problem of a lack of Russia of autocomponents of local manufacture. The majority of motor-car manufacturers specify in poor quality as the basic lack of the Russian spare parts. With details - MARIA of Shevchenko.
hotel Baltic for two days became a platform on which representatives of the majority of the enterprises of the Russian car industry have gathered. Within the limits of conference Autoinvest 2007 representatives of nine autoconcerns having in Russia assembly manufactures or gathering them to build, have told about the plans and about the basic problems standing today before them. So, a deputy head of representation of Toyota Motor Corp - OOO Motor Manufekchuring Rossija`s Toyota - Hiroshi Murata declared that the company factory will begin work on December, 24th current year. In March process equipment installation will begin. Originally the company plans to let out about 20 thousand Toyota Camry annually, with the subsequent increase in capacities to 200 thousand a year - mister Murata has noted. As he said, the total amount of investments into manufacture will make nearby 4 mlrd roubles.
the basic problem which foreign autoconcerns face, entering the Russian market, is an absence of high-quality components of local manufacture. So, a corporation management Nissan Menufekchurin Rus at the first stage of the project is going to deliver from - for a boundary all necessary components for local assemblage. in Russia there are no the local manufacturers, ready to let out a quality detail - the operating director " has noted; Nissan Menufekchurin Rus Fudzio Hosaka. As he said, the concern was not defined yet with those models which will collect at the enterprise in Petersburg. the Decision will be accepted within several months, as today we study the market of sales in Europe and Russia to choose the models most suitable to us - mister Hosaka has explained.
Similar complexities test also the companies, whose manufactures work in Russia some years. today we work with 17 Russian companies which yard keepers ` deliver us `, filters, seats, glasses and a number of other autocomponents - the general director of Joint-Stock Company " has told; Ford Motor Kompani Teodor Shtrajt. The Same number of local suppliers and at the Moscow company of Open Society avtoframos the manufacturer of Renault Logan. We plan to increase by 2008 volume of autocomponents of the local manufacture used by manufacture of the car, to 50 percent. Besides, we are going to increase volumes of output to 200 thousand cars a year, having invested in this project of $160 million - Antoine Aun, the director for Open Society purchases " has told; avtoframos . Certain localisation of manufacture in Russia is necessary to motor-car manufacturers not to pay the high customs duties at import of the most important knots of cars from - for a boundary. But while complexities with suppliers do not prevent to increase to the companies the capacities. Intention to increase volumes of output representatives of holding confirm also JUICE which in 2007 plans to let out in Russia to 100 thousand cars, - the vice-president of group Andrey Frolov has informed on it. In particular, JUICE will make on Izhevsk factory of 45 thousand cars of Kia Spectra, 7 thousand Kia Rio and 9 thousand Kia Sorento. In the end of December, 2006 the group has begun krupnouzlovuju Kia Rio assemblage, and in one and a half year is planned to pass to assemblage of cars in a mode of a full cycle - mister Frolov has reminded. Open Society Autovases In turn continues negotiations with Renault alliance - Nissan about placing of manufacture of cars on capacities in Tolyatti. Vice-president UK Autovases on technical development Maxim Nagajtsev has noticed that the companies still study details of the joint project. In particular, while the parties have not defined, in what of shops and on what conditions manufacture of cars of Renault can be created. autovases it is ready to give as shop where today are issued Lada Niva, and a part of capacities for manufacture Kalina, as on the areas of the Tolyatti factory probably placing of several more car assembly manufactures by capacity from 30 thousand to 100 thousand cars a year . However, sooner or later the impossibility fulfil the requirement on localisation can to turn for motor-car manufacturers to a serious problem as absence of customs privileges will not allow them to offer competitive price of cars of the Russian assemblage. As in Russia all new and new assembly manufactures, a competition in a segment " open; the Russian foreign cars becomes aggravated. And the requirement of the western motor-car manufacturers for the Russian accessories opens ample opportunities for a diversification of business of the defensive enterprises having modern technologies and capable to provide high quality of details. So, for example, creation of the new joint venture with one of the western manufacturers of accessories declared yesterday corporation the Space equipment which is ready to give the areas in area for creation of new manufacture.
on the other hand, the manufacturers of autocomponents who do not have the extensive areas, mark a lack of engineering prepared territories for start of the enterprises. meanwhile the authorities of region place the large enterprises in the prepared industrial zones more actively. At the same time our volumes of release not always allow us to count on preferences from the region government - the representative of one of the companies has declared, gathering to place the manufacture in an industrial zone SHushary .