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to Finish it is necessary to consider, how many at us criminal communities

the Public prosecutor of Russia Yury Chajka is extremely dissatisfied with results of struggle against the organised crime in Far East federal district (DFO). Yesterday at meeting in Vladivostok the mister the Seagull has declared that law enforcement bodies should not to consider, how many at us criminal communities and to involve their participants in a criminal liability. Special attention, according to the public prosecutor, in region it is necessary to give to fight against corruption and contraband.
yesterday in the house of negotiations in suburb of Vladivostok under the chairmanship of public prosecutor Yury Chajki the meeting devoted to results of work of bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor of subjects DFO in 2006 has taken place. In the mode opened for the press there has passed only an introductory part of action when with the report Yury Guljagin has acted zamgenprokurora on DFO. The performance of mister Guljagina sated with the statistical data, visually showed that DFO - hardly probable not most criminalised district in the country. The total of the registered crimes last year here has increased to 67318 with 62007 year before. Considerable number of crimes from - for the infringements admitted by representatives of law enforcement bodies at registration of messages of citizens, appear hidden. During check by public prosecutors of region it is revealed and put on the account more than 6,5 thousand covered crimes, including especially heavy - 9 murders and 11 rapes. More than half of registered crimes, from them every second 260 murders heavy, in particular, in DFO remained not opened. Specificity of region is the high crime rate of an economic orientation. According to Yury Guljagina, illegal preparation of wood makes about 40 % from total amount lesopolzovanija, and brakonersky the craft of water bioresources causes a damage to the budget at a rate of 1,5 mlrd rbl. a year. In total in DFO operate 60 organised criminal communities, many of which just and specialise on illegal extraction of wood both water bioresources and their subsequent contraband. But thus for last year one criminal case about contraband, has been brought by a perfect organised criminal group only. Having waited the terminations of the report of the assistant, Yury Chajka has blown up: it kills Me, when say that, under the operative data, at us 60 criminal groupings! We should speak about it through a prism, how many is involved in a criminal liability, how many on a dock. And on customs, on contraband one business! And after all, as a rule, there all crime, organised criminal groups and so on . As the public prosecutor has declared, to organised criminal groups which are engaged in contraband through customs of the Far East, it is necessary to give special attention to bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor. such significant affairs which today the State Office of Public Prosecutor investigates which have roots both in China, and in Korea, both in the Far East, and in Moscow, and in Moscow Region, - they through these channels go, through Far East.... Here of what it is a question! We should focus public prosecutors on it first of all. It is necessary to stop to consider already, how many at us criminal communities, and to take measures of the state compulsion - the mister the Seagull has concluded. I have understood - Yury Guljagin has answered. Whether

Have understood a problem put before them by the public prosecutor, other participants of meeting, it was not possible to learn to journalists: them have deduced from a meeting hall, and the briefing following the results of action was not provided. Only the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Primorski Territory Irina Nomokonova has officially informed that participants of meeting the series of measures, the legality directed on strengthening and the law and order, strengthening of struggle against criminality, increase of efficiency of public prosecutor`s supervision in economy sphere " is developed;. From informal sources it is known that at meeting the plan of measures directed on " also has been approved; decriminalization of Primorski Krai . This document is developed by employees of Office of Public Prosecutor of edge in common with experts of the Vladivostok centre of research of the organised crime of Legal institute of the Far East state university. It is remarkable that two authoritative businessmen are arrested for the last half a year in Vladivostok - Vladimir Petrakov and Yury Trifonov, about which in published some years ago the Vladivostok centre of researches of the organised crime scientific work the Organized crime of the Far East: The general and regional lines it was told as about leaders of criminal communities. Whether arrests of others mentioned in scientific work a number from which now holds high posts in authorities while it is not known will proceed.

, Vladivostok