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Target programs will leave without the budget

Today the government of St.-Petersburg intend to consider at session the project of the new law About target programs . Smolnyj plans to change the scheme of financing of city target programs from the budget of St.-Petersburg. Actually it is a question of their cancellation. All programs will be are built in in the program socially - economic development. As a result at officials will appear more freedom of action in an expenditure of budgetary funds.
the project of the new law About target programs it is prepared for replacement of the document accepted still in 1997. C that time in a city 58 programs of financing of different directions (preventive maintenance of offences, struggle against various diseases, modernisation of separate branches of city life, etc.) were accepted 17 from them operate and now. However with arrival on a post of the governor of Valentina Matvienko representatives of Smolnogo even more often began to speak about an inefficiency of the mechanism of target programs.
the essence of claims to this mechanism is expressed in the explanatory note of the chairman of committee of economic development of Alexander Sergeeva: Many reports on a course of performance of program actions contain data on development of budgetary funds, but do not inform on the results reached thus . Absence of intermediate results, amorphously, without accurate criteria the formulated purposes and working out of programs by each committee without budget possibilities - all it, are marked by Sergey`s mister, does not allow to estimate a course of their performance . Moreover, in Smolnom consider that financing of such programs - actually a version additional budget financing of current functions of enforcement authorities .
to Refuse from similar an anachronism followed for a long time already, head budgetary - financial committee ZakSa Vladimir Barkanov considers: Many programs all the same were not financed, not supervised almost, many and are not necessary. I think, where - that half of operating target programs will be stopped . Now, according to the deputy, target financing will concern only priority directions with accurate with tasks in view. That is formally programs remain, but to define their volumes and structure there will be Smolnyj, as a program component socially - economic development (SIR).
Defenders of target programs assert that they are necessary for bolshej to a budget transparency. they affirmed the law and could not Smolnym be somehow changed then, - the deputy Natalia Evdokimova speaks. - Sense of the target program - an accurate list of the actions responsible for them and expenses, and now officials can write everything and execute somehow . the Budget becomes more and more closed, - it summarises. - it would be most convenient for governor to have only the general figures of incomes and expenses, and to spend the budget as will like . Madam Evdokimova marks, as the program the SIR is formal, it does not contain neither realisation mechanisms, nor measures of responsibility for default (in it, by the way, in due time specified also Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation).
we Will notice also that last year curious precedent has been connected with target programs. The group of deputies challenged in Authorized court seven decisions of Smolnogo containing lists of actions and volumes of financing, that is actually were programs. However in ZakSe as it is necessary for target programs, they have not been confirmed. The MOUSTACHE has refused to cancel the given decisions after officials have managed to convince judges that they cannot form the basis for budgetary expenses. It means that perspective programs of the development which authors are officials of Smolnogo, turn to the simple list of organizational actions, which them to what does not oblige.
Michael Shevchyuk