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Boris Gryzlov has looked after a place for Gazprom - City

Yesterday in St.-Petersburg the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov has signed the agreement with Association of sea trading ports, has promised to raise competitiveness of ports Severo - the West and in the near future to pass the law on ports. Then he has personally examined territory, namytuju on Vasilevsky island for the future passenger terminal. Mister Gryzlov was watched by MARIA MOKEJCHEVA.
Boris Gryzlov has begun meeting with symbolical blow ryndy and declared present that else three centuries ago Petersburg became for Russia a window to Europe . To be kept naming Petersburg a window to Europe any of the acting could not. Valentine Matvienko`s governor has added that the city became also collars to Europe .
First of all Boris Gryzlov has promised to promote development of the Big port of St.-Petersburg, having increased its share in the foreign trade turnover of Russia to 50 %, but has not disregarded also expansion of prorolling of oil on 50 million tons a year through Primorsk, as it will lower the risks connected with transportation of hydrocarbons, and will raise reliability of Russia as the supplier . Have remembered and about port in Ust - Luga which by 2010 should pass to 32 - 35 million tons of cargoes a year.
however infrastructure development is braked today first of all from - for absence of standard base: the law on ports about seven years goes on instances but so till now and has not been brought in the State Duma. Valentina Matvienko has noticed that some catch in muddy water a small fish specially interfering with adoption of law. Boris Gryzlov has in turn promised that within a month the law will be in the State Duma, and be accepted it can in the first reading during spring session.
Unlike Boris Gryzlov Valentine Matvienko`s federal cares focused attention on incomes of the city budget and development kruiznogo tourism. So, according to the governor, now the city financially is not interested in port development as all infrastructural loading lays down directly on it, and the majority of taxes leaves in the federal budget. Boris Gryzlov has noted, as taxes do not reach the federal budget, being washed away on the way.
the meeting with signing of the cooperation agreement and interaction between party " Has ended; an United Russia and Association of sea trading ports, then Boris Gryzlov has gone on Vasilevsky island personally to be convinced of prospects of the new sea passenger terminal.
the president of a management company the Sea facade SHavkat Penalties - Niyazov with enthusiasm has told about rates of an alluvium of territory in the western part of Vasilevsky island where the business centre should be created. However visitors from the State Duma the problem points connected with the project more interested. how much level of the earth of an alluvium will surpass a sea level, whether will be protected from flooding and how all it is co-ordinated with dam building? - Boris Gryzlov has taken an interest. The mister of the Penalty - Niyazov has informed that earth level is now projected at height of 3,2 metres, but after dam input in a system it can be lowered to 2 - 2,2 metres so all depends on rates of building of a complex of protective constructions. and how from the point of view of the quarters leaving to the sea, whether there are excitements among inhabitants? - Boris Gryzlov worried. Head the Sea facade has tried to calm the speaker, having informed that at first inhabitants worried, warmed up by certain forces But today the reasons for excitement are not present.
In the end of excursion mister Gryzlov has unexpectedly taken an interest, whether offered the Sea facade to Gazprom to construct a skyscraper for the office on Vasilevsky island. The high-rise regulations really are not confirmed yet, but, according to the head the Sea facade most likely in territory the maximum height of 90 metres with separate impregnations to 240 metres will be established. it not that asks ` Gazprom ` - the mister of the Penalty - Niyazov has noted.