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Vasily Botchkarev has threatened on one million

the Penza governor Vasily Botchkarev has demanded from regional builders to increase by 2010 volumes of erected habitation to 1 million in sq. m a year. According to participants of the market, now all local building companies, even if very much will try can construct no more than 500 thousand in sq. m a year. Thus, as experts mark, the region lacks shots, capacities and building materials which should be delivered from other areas. Yesterday at meeting in the Penza regional government the head of region Vasily Botchkarev has demanded from heads of the ministries and departments more actively to involve investments into housing construction. there is a specific target - in 2007 to construct 600 thousand sq. metres of habitation, in 2010 to leave on 1 million sq. metres - mister Botchkarev has declared.
the Interlocutor in the regional government has explained that statements of the governor are direct continuation of its ambitious program on transformation of Penza by 2016 in a city - millionnik. We will remind that last year Vasily Botchkarev has declared that for 10 years number of inhabitants of the regional centre (now lives about 540 thousand persons. - ) should increase almost twice at the expense of joining to Penza adjoining settlements, and also attraction of labour from the near abroad countries. after all it is necessary where - that to lodge these people?! - the interlocutor in the government has declared, having underlined that real estate available for today obviously it is not enough .
In 2006 in the Penza region it is put in operation 404,5 thousand sq. metres of habitation (127,9 % by 2005). 201,4 thousand sq. metres of habitation (132,2 % by 2005) are constructed by individual builders. In Penza it is constructed 252,9 thousand sq. Metres of a total area of habitation (on 32,9 % more than in 2005). By individual builders it is put in operation 74,7 thousand sq. metres of habitation. Cost of sq. metre in Penza - 25 - 27 thousand roubles.

Making comments on Vasily Botchkarev`s statement, participants of the market have explained that now all regional building companies, even if will try can construct about 500 thousand in sq. m. 1 million sq. metres of habitation is approximately 100 houses on 40 - 50 apartments; figure real, but it needs to be studied in details - the assistant to the general director of Open Company FPG " has noted; Dobrodom Yury Mihajlin. As he said, the problem put by the governor, can be executed only in the event that investments will come to area, there will be the large players, ready to build 100 - 200 thousand sq. metres of habitation a year. today penzentsam it is really necessary about 400 thousand sq. metres of habitation a year. Last year these squares have been sold - the market is now again full of offers on real estate purchase - mister Mihajlin has underlined.
According to the director of Open Society Penzastroj Valentina Zhuravlyov, for increase in volumes of building, first of all, it is necessary to solve a question with region maintenance with own building materials. the building industry at us in a shelter - an ordinary brick and ferro-concrete plates and that does not suffice! - mister Zhuravlyov has declared , having explained that the Penza builders are compelled to buy building materials and ferro-concrete designs in Saransk, Saratov, Volgograd. For example, cement to Penza is delivered from factories Erotsement grup ( Zhigulevsk building materials Uljanovsktsement ) Mordovtsement (Alekseevsky cement works, Sengileevsky cement works) and Volsktsement from the Saratov region.
Besides, experts specify in deficiency in region of the qualified labour, noticing that since 1992 in branch there is no annual certification of building specialities.
whether there will be this habitation on a pocket needing? Today nobody wants to work in sector of social habitation, and mortgage mechanisms to very few people are accessible - the expert of the market Andrey Dvojnin assures. In its opinion if in the near future the regional authorities will not have real calculations at the expense of what there will be a housing construction jump, even seriously it is not necessary to speak about this boom .
This one million - at its finest a bluff! - the first secretary obkoma has declared the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Boris Zubkov, having reminded that in 1989 when in area handed over 750 thousand sq. Habitation metres, in region there was a powerful base promstrojmaterialov and worked nearby 30 - 40 building trusts. to increase now building volumes twice, for no reason, it is simply unreal. It is similar on recent proety Vasily Kuzmicha - to get to the Penza region bisons and ostriches, then to fill up all of us with ostrich`s eggs - mister Zubkov has declared.
Pavel Sedakov