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Goods traffic will adhere to IT - to technologies

Yesterday in Khabarovsk the first has come to the end interdepartmental scientifically - practical conference Information technology and telecommunications on a railway transportation . Now to 90 % of a cargo transportation from the countries ATR to Europe it is carried out on the sea, bypassing the Trans-Siberian highway. According to a management of the Far East railway (DVZHD), development of high technologies will allow to make more attractive to foreign clients sending of cargoes by a track. Signalmen and experts took part in forum work is information - computer centres of the Far East, Transbaikalian and Sakhalin railways - Open Society branches the Russian Railway manufacturers of the telecommunication equipment and the software. The conference organised DVZHD and the government of Khabarovsk territory, is caused by necessity of formation for region of an infrastructure of information and telecommunications for maintenance of growth of the international cargo transportation on the Trans-Siberian Railway in a direction Asia - Europe, and also creations of the logistical centres for interaction of participants of transport process. According to the chief of service of information and communication DVZHD of Andrey Bibchenko, the last meeting became dress rehearsal of more scale forum Infotrans - 2005 which will pass in Vladivostok.
the world financial centre is displaced in the countries jugo - east Asia, and the railway transportation of Russia prepares for reception of a considerable quantity of cargoes from this direction - mister Bibchenko has declared. Therefore it is important, in its opinion that forwarding agents, railwaymen, the navigable companies, seaports and administrations of territorial formations have agreed about the roles and responsibility zones in transportation business.
at the moment the Trans-Siberian highway serves only 5 - 10 % of volume of container transportations in a direction Asia - Europe, the others go by sea - from the countries ATR to Suez canal and further to Europe. our problem - to incur more worthy part - the chief of service of information and communication DVZHD has underlined.
the Far East road, owing to the arrangement, co-operates with several types of transport. To become railwaymen more competitive, having reduced a way from ports of Pacific coast to Europe, it is necessary to reduce time for interdepartmental operations - for example, by receipt of cargo from port on a highway, or passage of structures between border stations of China and Russia.
In this question, under Andrey Bibchenko`s statement, at DVZHD there are motions. Here the electronic system " is created; the Cargo express train which allows to minimise expenses and time for processing of documents in joining points. As experts speak, system introduction in full will allow to lower term of delivery of cargoes from Pacific coast to ports of Baltic from 11 days to 8.
the uniform main digital communication network (EMTSSS), laid along the basic directions of the railways of Russia becomes the Technological basis of the further development of information systems on the Russian Railway. Extent EMTSSS on DVZHD now makes more than 5100 km. On its base the high-speed system of the data transmission which have united over 5 thousand of automated workplaces is created.
I can tell that today many forwarding companies transport cargoes by sea under for a long time turned out schemes and communications. By sea while is cheaper, but sometimes to the client speed is favourable. It is assured that reduction of terms of delivery with 11 - to 8 will find 14 days the response at forwarding agents. Our company supports the initiative of railwaymen - the general director of forwarding firm " has expressed; STIM the Trance the Cupid (Nikolay Voitsekhovsky enters into group of companies STIM).