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The stolen hens have pulled on one million roubles

In Dzerzhinsk district court of Perm process over the post-graduate student of the Perm state university Oleg Zalesovym and Dmitry Popovym, accused of swindle in especially large size has come to the end. Under the charge version, they by means of counterfeit documents have stolen 20 tons of chicken meat for the 980 thousand roubles sum. Oleg Zalesova have sentenced to three years of imprisonment, it podelnik Dmitry Popov who was actively co-operating with the investigation, has bailed, having received three years conditionally. In May, 2003 the Perm businesswoman Marina Zaharova has concluded the contract with firm promkomplan from Ekaterinburg on purchase of 20 thousand kg of chicken meat. In August of the same year madam Zaharova has listed to the seller of 980 thousand roubles and has agreed with transport firm L - Dee about transportation of meat from Ekaterinburg to Perm. KAMAZ has left in Sverdlovsk area, but back has not returned. Marina Zaharova has written the application in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Perm area with the requirement to find for thieves and to return it hens.
militiamen have visited transport company L - Dee also have found out that the order was carried out by certain mister Bogdanov on rented KAMAZe. Searches of mister Bogdanova in what have not resulted - the passport addressed to Bogdanova is registered lost since 1997. Nevertheless, employees UBOP have found out that under a surname of Bogdanova offender Dmitry Popov disappears earlier. Him have arrested and have placed in a pre-trial detention centre 1. Having come to be under guards, it has opened a name of the organizer of swindle - post-graduate student PGU Oleg Zalesova who has given out it the passport addressed to Bogdanova and the counterfeit power of attorney from transport firm L - Dee . On false papers Dmitry Popov rented KAMAZ and began to wait for orders. The first order has followed from nothing suspecting madam Zaharovoj. Dmitry Popov has taken away meat and by order of Oleg Zalesova has transported it to Chelyabinsk, having handed over cargo on local hladokombinat.
On court the suffered madam Zaharova has shown to Oleg Zalesovu and Dmitry Popovu the civil suit on
1 million 100 thousand roubles. Judge Anton Cherezov recognised both defendants as guilty, but terms has appointed the different. And not recognised wine to Oleg Zalesovu should spend three years to standard regime penal colonies. Dmitry Popov has got off with three years conditionally. Both condemned should pay the caused damage - the court has completely satisfied the dissatisfied party civil suit. Representatives of state charge are satisfied by a judgement. By data , mister Zalesov intends to challenge a sentence in regional and if it is required, and in the Supreme court.