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The Office of Public Prosecutor has come to deputies

Yesterday at session of Zheleznogorsk city council deputies have considered the reference of Office of Public Prosecutor BUT the city of Zheleznogorsk concerning allocation of 40 million budgetary funds for Open Company Mehmash . Representatives of Office of Public Prosecutor have demanded from members of parliament to cancel the decision on assignment, referring that it has been made in the no-purpose image. Deputies to satisfy the requirement of Office of Public Prosecutor have refused, that, according to the chairman of the City Council Oleg Bokova, itself not to cut .
Some years ago the administration of Zheleznogorsk has declared intention to open new perspective manufacture under the name Unique zamkovye connections of Melikova . Affirmed that the project is paid quickly back and useful to a city. However already after the statement of the project by deputies it was found out that there is no even a confirmed plan of works. As the financing program was target and it became impossible to redistribute money, the administration has decided to change one project for another to leave money of the Ministry of Finance in a city. Deputies have supported this decision. On July, 1st, 2002 the mayor of Zheleznogorsk Andrey Katargin has signed about the contract on Open Company assignment Mehmash .

Guarantors of the transaction became Krasnoyarsk factory of refrigerators Birjusa and Krasnoyarsk machine-building factory. And, on conclusion GORFU of Zheleznogorsk, Birjusa has been recognised by insolvent, and with Krasmashem as check, the contract " then will show; actually did not consist . Also the head Zheleznogorsk GORFU Elena Panchenko in the service record addressed to the mayor informed that the project has a high risk level for budgetary investments . However in September, 2002 into the account Mehmasha the first tranche - 21 million roubles arrives. After that factory Birjusa the guarantee withdraws. The second tranche is given Mehmashu on the security of the property got on means of the first tranche. The firm buys a line of a polymeric covering of sheet hire for 12 million roubles.
already after budget money arrives into Open Company accounts Mehmash therefrom they leave in two other firms. Open Company Djukon receives 23,9 million roubles, and Open Company Torisevrostroj - 4 million 150 thousand roubles. And any documents (the contract, accounts, invoices), proving last transfer to find out and it was not possible. The next general director Mehmasha Sergey Zhuravlyov explained subsequently that: at the reference to Katarginu I had been received oral instructions to pay . The mayor denied this fact.
In 2003 in credit history the regional Office of Public Prosecutor which establishes that " starts to be engaged; Open Company Mehmash has presented to administration BUT false data . And also that after transfer of money Djukonu and Torisevrostroju those any deliveries did not carry out also any services did not render .
Yesterday a situation with Mehmashem became a discussion theme at session of the City Council of Zheleznogorsk. The city Office of Public Prosecutor has demanded from deputies to cancel the decision on assignment. According to representatives of Office of Public Prosecutor, means have been allocated in the no-purpose image so, the decision is illegal. According to the assistant to public prosecutor Yury Burtsev, as this decision all deputies was made remember. During check were explanations from separate deputies are taken, and they confirm that voting followed a line on painting of hire, which to the project locks Melikova No any relation had . As a result of these actions swindle with budget money also became possible, the assistant to the public prosecutor considers.
deputies have refused to agree with it, and the prospect to confirm illegality of own actions was not pleasant to them. The vice-president of the City Council Valentine Schukin has declared that deputies gave money accurately under the investment project and the bases for cancellation of the decision are not present. To us have offered the investment project, we very in details considered it, - mister Schukin has declared in interview . - session for it has voted also any infringements of the legislation at that time was not. And after has passed three years, it was found out, whether there is something it was bad a little that has occurred for three years .
However, unities in the ranks of members of parliament too it was not observed. Deputy Vladimir Batuhtin has demanded from Valentine Schukin to tell, We confirmed what investment project . You do not read, you tell, under what money was given? - he called.
the point in discussion was put by the chairman of the City Council Oleg Bokov. He has offered at session of voting by the requirement of Office of Public Prosecutor not to spend. I suggest to discuss in details all documents in the commissions precisely to find out, with what formulation and that we approved, - mister Bokov has declared. - and we like ourselves will cut that .
As a result deputies have transferred definitive consideration of the requirement of Office of Public Prosecutor on the following session.