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Two capitals

While in Lisbon will play football, in Port will compete in port transportation

About the Headlight in which the Russian team will play two of three group matches, - Sports has already told in the previous number. Now Peter Mironenko investigated Lisbon in which she will play the third. At the same time in its field of vision it has appeared also to Port to which the national team will get under two exigeant conditions: if will take in group the first place and will reach a semi-final.
a headlight and Lisbon in spite of the fact that are, as well as all in Portugal, nearby from each other, differ approximately the same as Sochi and Moscow. If the first is worthy as the best resort of the country, the second - as capital and one of two big cities of the country in which half of its population lives. The second of these cities - Port.
Portugal something is similar to the country in which will take place the second main sports event of year, - to Greece. Both countries to the European measures poor, in both considerable part of the XX-th century dictatorship dominated: in Greece it were black colonels and in Portugal - professor Salazar. And still capitals amaze both with the atmosphere weakened in comparison with another countries.
Lisbon first of all differs from Moscow quantity of hills. Here twice it is more than them - 14. The city on the river with not so harmonious name of Tagus through which one of the greatest bridges in Europe here is spent, very bearing a strong resemblance dignity - frantsissky Golden Gate is constructed. But the main technical sight of a city, certainly, well-known Elevadore - something an average between the lift, the lift and a cable car which lifts passengers from the bottom part of a city which is called as Bajshu, in top - Bajru - to the Alto. Has designed him Gjustav Ejfel. On this lift it is necessary to rise, if you want to have supper at restaurant and behind this employment to listen already mentioned in the last number fado - abstruse songs about the nice past or is simple about unfortunate love. However, the skilled guide names Bajru - to the Alto too tourist place, and to listen fado Alfama will lead you in a quarter. In this area where small small restaurants, probably, even in the European championship will be filled by Portugueses, instead of tourists, it is most strongly felt that Portugal - not absolutely the West, and substantially and the East. Small side streets, mud houses and ubiquitous Arabian persons will remind that Portugal very long was under the power of moors. Alfama - unique area of Lisbon, not victim almost from the well-known earthquake of 1755 which has actually wiped out the Portuguese capital: the city most part has been destroyed, and the quantity of victims has exceeded 40 thousand
  The main distinctive feature of Portugal - ubiquitous Mauritian style (on a photo - tower Belem in Lisbon) it is possible, after that earthquakes Portugueses have learnt to love historical city centre as anybody another. It is expressed, for example, that ` s it is forbidden to firm McDonald institutions to hang up the bright signboard on buildings: it is not entered in shape of a city. For the same reason the Russian tourists with badly hidden gloating mark absence of coarse clown Ronald McDonald. However, if necessary Portugueses can and allocate a place for architectural experiments. Interested persons can be convinced of it on one of suburbs of the city, exhibition Expo of 1998 specially reconstructed before carrying out.
the basic sights of Lisbon and its vicinities from - for the same earthquakes concern basically the period after a XVIII-th century. It is not enough exceptions. For example, it is a monastery ieronimitov in small town the Henbane. It is considered the sample of the Portuguese gothic style, on - to another named manuelino - on behalf of king Manuelja I. At the sight of old Portuguese constructions it becomes clear, how much all history of the country has been connected with ocean and navigation. In all standard Gothic ornaments images of anchors, ropes, sea bowls and corals are constantly intertwined. If it is all will inspire you on the further acquaintance with history Portuguese morehodstva, it is necessary to descend in a museum which is devoted it. One of the main motives of the Portuguese society - a regret about the great past of the country so the museum wonderfully well is made.
to a word about museums. In Lisbon, as well as in any decent megacity, them much enough. It is possible to allocate, perhaps, a museum of Gulbenkjana. The most known art museum of the country which are famous for the collection of the European art, has been created on oil money of the Iraq Armenian who has found a refuge in Portugal during war.
  In the Portuguese bullfight, as it is known, bulls do not kill, but less entertainment it from it does not become Though vicinities of Lisbon and have suffered from that earthquake, they represent doubtless interest. Here it is necessary to mention beach coast with the cities of Kashkaish and Eshtoril and the city of Sintra. When - that in Eshtorile there was a summer residence of the Portuguese kings, now here there go for the weekend inhabitants of capital. And not only to sunbathe. Eshtoril carries glory of Portuguese Monte - Karlo as there there is the most well-known in the casino country. The main lack, so to say, podlissabonskoj rest zones - populousness.
Gorod Sintra too was no time residence of the Portuguese king. In its area - in small towns Alkobasa, Batalja, Tomar - has remained variety of medieval monasteries. The city is interesting also. It it is possible to consider as the sample of Mauritian architectural style - at least more authentic, than a private residence of Savvy Morozova in Moscow (it the House of friendship of the people). George Byron named this city paradise on the earth . From other known regular customers of a city it is possible to name Winston Churchill and Agatha Christie.
in Port Russian national team will appear, we will tell fairly, hardly. That is all of us, of course, hope that it will take the first place in group and will win a quarterfinal of the one who will take the second place in group B (either England, or France), but we trust nevertheless hardly. And it as it is sad, a unique situation which can bring there George Jartseva`s football players. However, if the miracle does not happen, the capital of Northern Portugal can be visited and separately from them as from Lisbon to it it is not too far.
  Nostalgia on the past at Portugueses is shown and in registration of restaurants Certainly, the main sight to Port - port. This theme we already concerned in a note about the Headlight (the previous number " see; - Sports ) However to settle it it is impossible. Wishing to try to make it it is possible to recommend a port Museum (with tasting, certainly) which is there. By the way, on June, 24th besides one of chetvertfinalnyh matches (it will be played in Lisbon) here there will pass a traditional regatta of launches, gruzhennyh port. For supporters of the scientific approach there is a port Institute.
in sense of earthquakes to Port has carried much more - they have avoided it, - so classical enough South European old city with typical narrow and at times dirty small streets, restaurants and souvenir benches here has remained. And as the old city is insignificant, to be tired during walk to you hardly it will be possible. Its main sight - the highest building in Portugal: 70 - metre tower Torre dos Clerigos. By the way, Gjustav Ejfel was noted here again - in Port it has designed the railway bridge.