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The national team of manual assemblage

among sixteen teams - participants Euro - 2004 is one, very very different from the others

Prior to the beginning of the European championship remains five days. - sports already strongly worrying, represents the most important thing for us its participant. Andrey Semjaninov tells about Russian national team

the Trainer
So, Russian national team. A command, which definitive structure day - in the evening on Wednesday, on June, 2nd is named in the latest possible for this purpose. If to judge on this fact, most irresolute of 16 participants of the European championship. Or George Jartsev - the most irresolute trainer though in those it like never would be registered.
simply Russian national team in which legionaries this time only two and a half, lives concerning all other Europe in other hemisphere. When at us autumn, in Europe spring. When at them the championship comes to an end, in Russia it only begins. Except Alexander Mostovogo and Alexey Smertin, there lives on the European chronology only Dmitry Alenichev who, however, apparently, passes in Spartak . 13 matches played in the spring - are less, than 30 or 34. It is Less than possibilities for conclusions, it is more than fluctuations at George Jartseva. And the Russian players in the end of the first circle - less favorable object for supervision, than their foreign colleagues on craft.
there were tired of a season, and on 23 persons from each country for a long time have already a rest before new battles. At us everyone after the own fashion: someone was tired, someone is perfectly in order, someone has not typed the form. That is the Russian trainer needs to work more over revealing of functionality of separate football players and their reduction in norm and to the general denominator. It is more difficult. It adova work without a result guarantee. Valery Lobanovsky, being dokoj in this area, hit the nail not always even with own football players. In 1988 has excellent guessed, in 1990 - the m in the World championship has monstrously missed. The European championship of 1988 was the last on which our national team has won a match. Besides, it was the last on which the national team was called the USSR . And still the last on which there were no legionaries (almost as now). All heroes from the internal championship: seven from Kiev, two from Minsk, two - from Spartaka .
  Victor Onopko has missed chance to play in the European championships for the modular CIS and Russia George Jartsev - the first trainer of the national team who has been torn off from the championship. In such conditions the command at all did not work never, except last autumn. After all before at us years 30 was or the Kiev national team, or spartakovskaja. Or the trainer as Anatoly Byshovets in 1992, at least leant against football players whom trained on the Olympic Games - 88. Even Boris Ignatyev, by the time of appointment in the first national team in 1997 not training adult commands of the higher league day as the main thing, knew the circle of people released to it. George Jartsev before hit in a national team did not train anybody three and a half a year. The total experience of work as the head coach at it was less than two seasons. Year in Spartake - gold year, but all - taki spent near to only formally faded into the background Oleg Romantsevym. Half a year in the Dynamo (Romantsev left a shade): has well begun, has not got on with president Nikolay Tolstyh, has badly finished - defeats have gone. Couple of months in the Rotor - speak, has not wanted to give together with the Rotor the debts which have collected since last season. Knew by the time of arrival on the previous teamwork (in Spartake In 1996 - two football players of a present national team - Dmitry Alenichev and Vadim Yevseyev (and Egor Titov who has helped by autumn who is disqualified now). Here all career and all acquaintances. At Rolana Gusev George Jartsev - the godfather in direct sense of this word. The Times after a victory over the Wales was perplexed: whence Russia had such good instructor who is known no more English trainer from the third league?
autumn experiment with appointment how much it is possible ravnoudalennogo from club predilections and personal obligations of Jartseva of has justified. The national team has got out of a nasty situation. Three victories, two drawn games, a zero of defeats in final elimination matches - and the problem is solved. The national team has got on Euro, and to put Jartsevu at the moment of arrival to strongly ill national team of a problem more serious (like an exit from group already in Portugal) would be, to put it mildly, too.
Thus as then nobody knew, who such George Jartsev as the expert, and now does not know. It too in comparison with Valery Lobanovsky or Oleg Romantsevym much less favorable object for supervision over its trainer`s concepts - and too in the absence of the big sample of materials. Five real matches of Russian national team and three companionable, and on the last it is possible to try to tell, how Jartsev checks players, but not about its football tastes. On official it is possible to tell that he is not afraid to make intuitive decisions more likely, but is ready to their inaccuracy. In the first match with Ireland Jartsev was not frightened to let out Valery Yesipov, but on 37 - j to minute was not afraid it to replace. Perhaps it was reaction to a missed goal? Anyway replacements the trainer as - that supervises game. With Switzerland George Jartsev ingeniously prointuichil with Dmitry Bulykinym who has made het - trik, also was mistaken in Andrey Solomatine who failed on the left flank so that it should be changed in a break. And Solomatina in a national team now is not present Yesipov that too is indicative. And here with Vadim Yevseyev Jartsevu has carried. That contrary to trainer`s do not go! it was connected in Cardiff to attack. And only it has then appeared that to it in the Locomotive ordered to go on standards - here it and has arrived, as in club learnt...
  George Jartsev has collected in a national team of representatives of half of premieres - leagues Intuition - such state of mind which in advance you will not think over also logic constructions will not provide. The moment when it is necessary to be defined with structure, really it is better to delay to the last. Quite probably that as will be and before each match. For certain any of attacking or their steams in case of nasty game will not be late more than on a time. In companionable matches modular Jartseva put ofsajdnye traps - here it it is not necessary is better, it is not necessary to tease lajnsmena on a match passing on a visit. Knowing more about George Jartseva`s trainer`s handwriting, and it would be possible to assume more. But alas, even in the most primitive approach standard priorities of Jartseva are unknown. How he will play, for example, with Spaniards? Fast attacking will be or powerful? And can, both that and another, but then on one opornika less? We put a ball on the earth or it is lifted upwards? Extreme havbeki will run and hang or be displaced and play with the near?
however, will guess in the same way about intentions of Jartseva Injaki Saes. In this sense to Spaniards with the first match in group has not carried. They open the championship a match not with Portugueses or Greeks who (as with the last played to one selection group) know as peeled. Of ours on the Pyrenees are rather afraid in view of small prognoziruemosti. We hope that Injaki Saes will not read this article, as further - Sports will try to track logic who can be applied to a substantiation jartsevskih intentions.

football players
Goalkeepers - 3.
the Central defenders - 3 and two more who can play on this position.
the right defenders - 2.
the Left defenders - 1 and two more whom it is possible to put there.
basic halfbacks - 3 and one more whom it is possible...
Right havov - 3 and 1.
Left havov - 1 and 1.
Plejmejkerov - 5.
Attacking - 5.
Here so one of variants of a patience of the football players looked, which George Jartsev even before deduction of four superfluous players from a national team should assort on base in the Pine forest.
  Dmitry Sychev has got used to leave in the field without the partner in a hotel room Physical examination of players, on the one hand, a choice problem has facilitated, but it has appeared unique positive result of the carried out procedure. Loss of one of the attacking Alexander Panova still could be worried. But when off side from - for traumas there are at once two players of the centre of defence - not passed minutes in a selection cycle Sergey Ignashevich and captain Victor Onopko, start to rave against fate together with deprived Euro - 2004 football players.
actually, in Russian national team on all championship remains only four healthy defenders. From them two right - Vadim Yevseyev and Alexander Anjukov, one left - Dmitry Sennikov, one central - Alexey Bugaev. As deficiency of defenders was present and to traumas of Ignashevicha with Onopko, in defendery have written down also Sharonov`s Novel, which in general - that in the Ruby Plays basic - but that you will not make, when the need will ask. And in a collection of troubles of defenders of Russian national team: Sennikov too only it was restored after a trauma.
It turns out that, even despite unpredictability of personnel decisions of Jartseva, variants of defensive constructions of Russian national team so it is not enough that it is easy to touch all of them. From left to right: Sennikov - Bulls - Sharonov - Yevseyev. Or as in a companionable match with Austria on May, 25th: Yevseyev who at the left played, Bulls (the first match for a national team), Sharonov (third), Anjukov (too, as torpedovets Bulls, the debutant). That will be, if someone from defenders is tired, will be traumatised, will be ill, will be disqualified or it will be simple badly it would not be desirable to play, assume.
Even in protection Alexey Smertin can win back. With Switzerland it has spent a part of a house match on the right flank of defence, a part of game with Austria replaced Sharonov who has received damage. Having risen to the place of Sharonov, has there and then missed Mario Haas who has escaped and hardly has not hammered. Not for Smertin this place actually...
  Andrey Karjaka the first has scored a goal in the European championship, having opened the account in a match of a selection cycle Russia - Ireland we Will try to simulate the trainer`s logic further. Any trainer, and not only George Jartseva, in such situation the following idea should visit: time defenders so neopytny also are simultaneously irreplaceable, it is necessary to them to help. It is necessary to make so that they worked less. Then they will be mistaken less less to be tired and receive less than multi-coloured cards.
to facilitate a fate of defenders it is possible in two opposite ways: or to remove struggle far away from the gate and to give to defenders of more assistants, that is to pass to defensive model, or to try to transfer in general game to collars of the contender.
In first two matches we should play against commands which actually act on the home field and to grasp the initiative are able. If to risk in these games, all together as for the initiative it is impossible to lose struggle. To Yevseyev, for example, not to forbid to pass a midfield, and, on the contrary, to make to it it a duty. It unique our defender who has replacement by a case of weariness and other troubles - Anjukova. Hardly in rigid fight in a midfield at such variant Jartsev will put Alexander Mostovogo. Experience and skill are powerful, but to fight and struggle in the middle it is necessary to all. There at such variant the youth in the form of Vladimir Bystrova (the right flank remains then for Rolanom Gusev) will be hardly admitted also. At the left, certainly, Andrey Karjaka, the person jet, but tired. Evgenie Aldonin is more rigid than Alexey Smertin, means, there is basic Aldonin. The choice plejmejkera and quantities attacking - a question important, but is a taste question. In this situation clearly that places does not remain in a starting lineup and to Maratu Izmaylov as less steady in collisions. And though teamwork questions remain - a ball it is necessary will not only select, but also to gate of contenders to lead up, - fighting the variant of structure of Russian national team will be about such: Ovchinnikov, Sennikov - Bulls - Sharonov - Yevseyev, Karjaka - Aldonin - Loskov - Gusev, Bulykin - Sychev. Dmitry Bulykin in general with loss of Ignashevicha and Onopko becomes for a national team almost irreplaceable in air fights.
  Dmitry Loskov is ready to participate too in the absence of tall players in riding struggle to Guess that for the initiative Russian national team refuses struggle, it will be possible on presence of other executors. For example, Alexey Smertin. The person universal, played everywhere, except gate and an attack. But when it is the most dangerous than business in defence, it and should put it to help. Or Alexander Mostovogo whom Jartsevym on a position in the field in oporniki too fell. But what is required from plejmejkera a defending command? As soon as possible to organise transition from defence to attack through a pass. To whom? Dmitry Sychev and Alexander Kerzhakov faster Bulykina. Can accept on a course and get away. Can strike from a course. But Bulykin above, and riding game when partners will have many carrying out on a release, will suffice both in front, and behind. In that case under Bulykina it is necessary to put people with a pass and speed that the won riding struggle did not go to waste, and counterattack went the second rate. Dmitry Alenichev and Andrey Karjaka?
About the attacking. Friends in life, people of one generation, the most talented attacking the time, neighbours in a hotel room on gathering hardly have not pulled out a damned match with Belgium in last World championship in which have played together 10 minutes. Sychev has hammered from a pass of Kerzhakova. Since then fans demand banquet repetition: to let out pair small, tehnichnyh and understanding each other together. It seems, one time they have still played on pair at Valerii Gazzayev. But George Jartsev in the field of them in common did not let out. Even on half an hour in companionable matches, accurately showing to that that sheaves Kerzhakov - Sychev in the European championship is not expected (or is expected, but it is a terrible secret from Injaki Saesa and Luisha Felipe Skolari). Simply two about one-planned attacking in modern football - big enough luxury for which it is necessary to pay in deenergizing at once several models of game. Almost for certain, if Russian national team leaves in the field with two forwards, one of them will call Dmitry Bulykin. Which else in Ireland George Jartsev has managed to force to carry out unusual, judging by games for club, business - to work. And not only at penal the contender, and on all sites of a field.
Though who knows that Jartsev after a match Austria - Russia when collected on a knee and the four of defenders mentioned above has fulfilled almost ideally, and all attacking (Sychev has thought, truth, had a rest on a bench) have not created practically anything.

  Sergey Ovchinnikov - one of few players, whose place in the basic structure the rest was not called in question All
Time to the first match there is ever less, though actually it not accident and not advantage. - Holland in 1988 - m too played the USSR on June, 12th, and the parity of forces seemed not to the best, than now - before a match Russia - Spain. The only goal was hammered by Vasily Rats (in something similar to Karjakoj) after jerk on Igor Belanova`s opposite flank and ball transfer over a line penal. And here anybody is not similar to Belanova from an operating national team. Somebody would object now against a victory on June, 12th over Spain 1:0 naked Karjaki and defeats from it 0:2 in the ending?
To be under a delusion before Euro - 2004 it is not necessary. At us a disgusting lot, as owners always leave groups (if accept the European championship alone), and the Spaniards who have collected extremely decent command - too almost owners. On Place of Russia and Greece any participant of the championship would feel itself so nekomfortno and would like to be replaced in other group. Even Italians or Frenchmen by whom leading roles of favourites of the championship are prepared, easily could not pass it. Also the calendar was stretched so that the match Portugal - Spain is played by the last and if any concrete result or the account arranges pair of owners in it, it will be immediately created. Personally for Russia in the Headlight, in the south of Portugal, there is in June a terrible heat.
on set of factors there is nothing, in general, to hope. The most logical variant - to play on June, 20th with Greeks for the third place in group - it is unpleasant the ordinary. But with logic to argue difficultly. And it is not necessary too many to wait from Russian national team at least because last autumn it much the unexpected has made. Has got on Euro - 2004, for example. Also it has appeared in the centre of general attention from what already in general - that has had time to wean, and looks in this centre as - that on - new. Not as before the World championship - in that command the very few trusted. Not as the command of the beginning of last year, hope on which have gradually died away.
to Portugal there have gone representatives about half of commands of premieres - leagues, and fans dare to hope already, as further in a national team the best will be caused not by a club principle. Therefore go after the command - tour operators write about 40 thousand visitors from Russia. Perhaps, exaggerate, but nevertheless support at George Jartseva`s command will be unprecedented.
and the command which love, can posramit to the logician.

matches of the modular USSR, the CIS and Russia on Cups and the European championships
6. 07. 1960 Czechoslovakia 3:0. 1/ 2 endings
V.Ivanov, 35, 58; Monday, 64
10. 07. 1960 Yugoslavia 2:1 (1:1). The ending
Metreveli, 49; Monday, 113 - Galich, 49
17. 06. 1964 Denmark 3:0. 1/ 2 endings
Voronin, 19; Monday, 40; V.Ivanov, 88
21. 06. 1964 Spain 1:2. The ending
Khusainov, 8 - Pereda, 6; Marselino, 84
5. 06. 1968 Italy 0:0, a lot-: +. 1/ 2 endings
8. 06. 1968 England 0:2. For 3 - e a place
Charlton, 39; Hurst, 63
14. 06. 1972 Hungary 1:0. 1/ 2 endings
the Fads, 53
18. 06. 1972 Germany 0:3. The ending
Muller, 27, 58; Vimmer, 51
12. 06. 1988 Holland 1:0. Group
Rats, 54
15. 06. 1988 Ireland 1:1. Group
Protasov, 75 - Uilan, 38
18. 06. 1988 England 3:1. Group
Aleynikov, 3; Mihajlichenko, 28; Pasulko, 73 - Adams, 16
22. 06. 1988 Italy 2:0. 1/ 2 endings
Litovchenko, 61; Protasov, 63
25. 06. 1988 Holland 0:2. The ending
Gullit, 35; Van Basten, 55
12. 06. 1992 Germany 1:1. Group
Dobrovolsky, 63 () - Hessler, 90
15. 06. 1992 Holland 0:0. Group
18. 06. 1992 Scotland 0:3. Group
Makstej, 7; Makklejr, 17; Makallister, 84 ()
11. 06. 1996 Italy 1:2. Group
Tsymbalar, 21 - Kaziragi, 4, 52
16. 06. 1996 Germany 0:3. Group
Zammer, 56; Klinsmann, 78, 90
19. 06. 1996 Czechia 3:3. Group
the Roadway, 48; Tetradze, 54; Beschastnyh, 85 - Suhoparek, 5; Cook, 19; SHmitser, 89
19 games, +7=5 - 7, balls 22:24