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Khabarovsk territory will warm gas of Sakhalin

Yesterday in Khabarovsk the president of company Exxon Neftegas Ltd. (The operator of the project Sakhalin - 1 ) Steve Terni and the Khabarovsk governor Victor Ishayev have signed the report on intentions on purchase and sale of natural gas from the Sakhalin shelf. As mister Terni has informed, fuel will go to edge already in the beginning of a cold season 2005 - 2006. Transaction cost is not disclosed, according to the governor, tariffs for gas will depend on the prices for oil. stocks of deposits of Chajvo, Odoptu and Arkutun - Dagi entering in Sakhalin - 1 make 307 million t oil and 485 mlrd cubic m of gas. The consortium includes the operator of project Exxon Neftegas (30 %), affiliated companies Rosneft (20 %), Indian ONGC (20 %) and Japanese SODECO (30 %). At the first stage of the project Sakhalin - 1 extraction of hydrocarbons on a deposit of Chajvo will begin in the end of 2005, and in 2007 oil industry workers will start working out of stocks on Odoptu on severo - east shelf of Sakhalin. Prospective level of extraction within the limits of the project - 8 million t oil and 9,5 mlrd gas cubic metre annually.
As president Exxon Neftegas Steve Terni has informed at ceremony of signing of the report on intentions, gas deliveries to Khabarovsk territory will begin with the beginning of a cold season 2005 - 2006. By 2009 their volume will reach 3 billion in cubic m. of gas a year. For edge the raw materials will be extracted on a deposit of Chajvo. Mister Terni named report signing the historical moment as the edge became the first Russian buyer of gas. He has noticed what prevent term of deliveries can unless weather conditions.
at a meeting with mass-media mister Terni has refused to inform tariffs for gas, having noticed that on price indicators commercial negotiations are carried on, and both parties " have arranged the received results;. Victor Ishayev has explained refusal of president Exxon Neftegas by that there is a number of parametres : The prices will depend on oil cost, from standard items on years. It is the whole system . With arrival of gas to Khabarovsk territory becomes much better and stabler - the governor considers.
Victor Ishayev has told that gas from a shelf will arrive on a new gas pipeline of Oha-Komsomolsk - on - the Cupid-habarovsk. The highway is planned to finish by 2006 when a branch will bring to the regional centre. However Komsomolsk and northern areas where the pipe already is, will receive gas a year earlier.
All works on re-equipment of the Khabarovsk thermal power stations will carry out Open Society Habarovskenergo . According to mister Ishayev, by the first on gas will be translated to thermal power station - 2, working on liquid fuel, and also thermal power station - 1. The thermal power station - 3 will be on - former on coal. we keep diversifitsirovannyj the approach that there were also one capacities and others. All is counted - the main thing, to construct a gas pipeline - mister Ishayev has underlined.
As the president " has informed; Exxon Neftegas Ltd. negotiation on a definitive purchase contract of gas becomes following step after the report signed yesterday on intention. all essentially important parametres are provided in the report on intentions. But in the definitive contract should be provided and other commercial conditions - mister Terni has told, having added that these completions will demand even several months of work. Negotiations will be spent between all participants of a consortium of the project Sakhalin - 1 and two official buyers of gas in Khabarovsk territory: Habarovskenergo and Habarovskkrajgaz .

Japan hurries Sakhalin - 2
Yesterday the company - the operator Sakhalin - 2 Sakhalin Energy has concluded the purchase and sale contract szhizhennogo natural gas (SPG) with Japanese Kyushu Electric. Let`s remind, in July, 2003 of the party have signed the basic conditions of the agreement on delivery within 20 years on 0,5 million t Sakhalin SPG in a year. The beginning of the first shipments of fuel planned for 2010. The new document vised yesterday by chief executive Sakhalin Energy by Steve Makveem and president Kyushu Electric of Shingo Matsuo in Southern - Sahalinske, provides earlier date of deliveries - 2008. By this time in the south of Sakhalin the factory on manufacture SPG should be constructed. Its designed capacity - 9,6 million t szhizhennogo gas. At what price will be on sale SPG the Japanese company, the parties have held back, having referred to closeness of the commercial information. However, a top - managers have explained that the price will be competitive on existing Asian - the Pacific market.
Oleg SAVIN, Southern - Sahalinsk