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Actors Maxim Gorki Theatre did not recognise the Russian Germans

Yesterday in Novosibirsk as performance display Black milk under Vasily Sigareva`s play two-day tours of Berlin state dramatic theatre Maxim Gorki Theatre have come to the end. Statement has carried out Andrea Mozes`s young director which has lived long time in Russia. It and is clear, to put Black milk without having given Russia many long years life, hardly probably. Unexpectedly Russian the name of one of few western repertuarnyh theatres speaks strong influence in the last century of MHATOVSKY tradition to all theatrical Europe, especially on the countries sotslagerja. The Berlin theatre has opened in 1952, but till now for its troupe Russian dramatic art remains an important part repertuarnoj politicians. At theatre of a name of Maxim Gorkogo today put Anton Chekhov, Alexander Ostrovsky, Andrey Platonova, and also product of modern writers of Vasily Sigareva, Victor Yerofeev and Vladimir Sorokin.
as the chief executive of theatre Eberhard Wagner admitted at yesterday`s press conference a Novosibirsk press club, originally there was a desire to bring to Novosibirsk something from Sorokin, but, for some reasons, have stopped on Sigareve . As Vasily Sigarev, " speaks; Black milk - the play first of all about love, friendship, solidarity and ability to help small people. Everyone can understand the rest in own way, as yesterday`s press conference of representatives of the Berlin theatre and organizers of tours has confirmed (the theatre has arrived under the invitation the Red torch but appeared on stage of Sergey Afanaseva`s city drama theatre). The editor present on it Novosibirsk Sibirische Zeitung Vladimir Krylov-Walter named performance expedient, because it about the people which it is constant in a way, - the Russian Germans . However actors so have not counted. yes, we are familiar with a problem of the Russian Germans. The theme of the severe conditions which are put forward by consulates for interested persons to return on the historical native land, at us is constantly discussed. But we do not think that Sigarev has written the play about the Russian Germans - the actor Norman Shenk has told.
actors Maxim Gorki Theatre and that play " do not agree; dirty, eternally drunk Russian . But performance Black milk itself sets such theme, a role, an image that my heroine should drive moonshine to survive in this society. And I love its such, I like to play this role. I think, the character at me turns out not comical, but present - actress Monika Lennarts has stood up for repertuarnuju to the politician of the theatre.
According to German actors, the theme mentioned in the play, is close and familiar to them. we, as well as you, lived in the country in which there was a crisis. However, in softer form - madam Lennarts has told. To its some colleagues has carried more. Anja Fisher has told that it come from Munich, instead of from Berlin, therefore not in a course of experiences which were transferred by east Germans in connection with system and wall crash . To get into the role, it needed huge emotional return though, the actress, " has noticed; I am already familiar with a problem of search of life . A theme of search of life actors consider the basic in the play of mister Sigareva. This performance about small attempts to change life. They do not go right. It is a utopia... Probably, the main words are said by the vagabond lying on rails, that it is necessary to be more careful, and that can die smothering - the madam Fisher has shared with journalists the understanding of a theme.