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Sajano - the Shushensky pact

Yesterday the management of Khakassia has published results of the confidential meeting which have passed the day before in Moscow. The initiative group created under the aegis of Alexander Zhukov (see„ “From June, 4th) where have entered Herman Gref, Anatoly Chubays, Oleg Deripaska and Alexey Lebed, should resolve a question on Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION and Krasnoyarsk HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION („ “repeatedly wrote about the situation which have developed around of these stations). The management of Khakassia has reported that the parties have concluded an armistice of Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION.
from the middle of last year the governor of Khakassia Alexey Lebed achieved a deprivation of Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION. The claim has crowned success in Federal arbitration court East - the Siberian district (FAS VSO). Khakassia has as a result lost also (actually the claim should force to prolong the Russian Open Society“United Power Systems“reduced rates for Khakassia), and the Russian Open Society“United Power Systems“. Potential winners - aljuminshchiki which could increase the control over Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION if the government at first has executed a judgement, and then again would expose station on privatisation.
yesterday it became known that the parties have concluded an armistice. The authorities of Khakassia have promised to refuse the charges put forward by them in illegality of privatisation of Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, and vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov and Minister of economic development and trade Herman Gref have promised to Alexey Lebedju “ smoothly to raise tariffs in region “. From its part, the head of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ Anatoly Chubays, being with a working trip to Dushanbe, it is reconciliatory has declared, “ that in this situation hardly intelligently from our party to finish the HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION re-registration to Krasnoyarsk region “. According to mister Chubays, the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ and the government of Khakassia “ will settle the relations within 70 days “. “ In Khakassia have agreed to refuse the senseless project on HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION nationalisation, and now the republic government should or withdraw the claim, or sign the agreement of lawsuit from the Russian Open Society “ - mister Chubays has explained.
will withdraw however the claim to the authorities of Khakassia uneasy: If privatisation contradicted the law (namely it and recognised FAS VSO) it is considered insignificant, and any agreement of the parties of anything it is impossible to change. In this case it is necessary - to achieve one way cancellation of the decision of FAS VSO in the Supreme Arbitration Court.
about on what concessions the head of aluminium holding " has gone at this meeting; the Base element “ Oleg Deripaska, it is not known - in “ Bazele “ to give comments on this theme have appeared are not ready. However it is curious that yesterday the Federal Agency of the financial markets has made the decision on renewal of the additional issue of actions of Krasnoyarsk HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION suspended on June, 2nd, namely against this dopemissii Anatoly Chubays furiously struggled. Probably, now the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ and its affiliated structure “ Krasnojarskenergo “ nevertheless it is necessary to search 1,7 mlrd for rbl. to redeem dopemissiju and not to wash away blocking package which owns in Krasnoyarsk HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION “ Krasnojarskenergo “. At the same time the complaint about illegality dopemissii will be considered on June, 11th in Krasnoyarsk arbitration court, and to June, 21st Southern - Siberian terupravlenie Federal antimonopoly service has appointed a legal investigation about legality of acquisition of a controlling stock of Krasnoyarsk HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION the Cyprian offshore under control “ Bazelu “. So it is not excluded that in narrow structure (without Alexey Lebedja) the group peregovorshchikov should meet once again.