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2 000 000 000 in favour of Euro

How to hold the European championship to itself at a loss

Superiority of Europe yet has not begun, but main lost, the correspondent " believes; - Sports Afsati Dzhusojti, is already known. Strangely enough, it is the Portuguese economy.

how to win neighbours
In 1999 when the Union of the European football associations (UEFA) has decided to give Portugal the right to the European championship carrying out, many in the football world were perplexed. And it must be said, not without the bases. After all the Portuguese demand has bypassed seeming much more attractive Spanish. Carrying out of continental superiority in Spain seemed to the most logical from all positions step. First of all in the country where football is national religion, almost it was necessary to do nothing to be prepared for European championship reception. Stadiums good are, Spain - one of the tourist centres of the world so, there are no problems with hotels, the airports, roads (automobile and iron). Absence of necessity cardinally to update an infrastructure means the minimum expenses on the tournament organisation. However despite all these obvious pluses, preference it has been given Portugal. There was it because the authorities of the country of that time have assured UEFA that are ready to spend for the organisation of tournament more 2 mlrd ($2,4 mlrd) - more than any other applicant (besides Spain in a final round there was Austria and Hungary which has submitted the joint demand).
it is remembered, then president UEFA of Lennart Juhansson, making comments on a victory of Portugal, has noticed that speech, of course, goes about the serious sums, but thanking these expenses Europe will receive one more country with an up-to-date football infrastructure that in itself justifies all complexities. And same Lennart Juhansson three years later was noted by the angry statement to Portugueses, threatening to transfer the championship to other place.

how to pay back stadiums
As almost always happens, actually all has appeared much more difficult, than was planned, and, as usual, problems have arisen there where for them least waited. In 2002 in Portugal the power was replaced - on change to an office of socialists the right-centrist government which, having counted up has come, in what there is an European championship organisation, became banal to clamp money. The prime minister - the minister of the country Jose Manuel Durau Barroso has directly declared that its predecessor was not too circumspect, when incurred obligations on the European championship: No doubt, I never would began to submit so generous demand. At least I would not began to build ten new stadiums. These are unreasonable expenses .
And stadiums - absolutely new seven and cardinally reconstructed three (what even is more expensive than to build from zero) - have managed in very decent sum. According to official figures, in $700 million However as has shown the independent audit spent by the Portuguese analogue of Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation, speech about the much bigger sum. After all almost all stadiums cost more expensive essentially, than was planned. For example, arena erection in Home-made beer costed to $120 million against $99 million provided by the estimate. Anything surprising if to consider that it was necessary to builders in deadlines (from - for problems with financing the building schedule has been broken) to cut down from a rock more than 1 million in cubic m of a granite. In the released niche also have squeezed arena on 30 thousand spectators. Or here to take Estadio do Dragao in Port. Initially for this stadium it was planned to spend a $60 million order, and left it is twice more. The general expenses on arenas can be estimated proceeding from average cost of one spectator place. It fluctuates from $2150 at stadium Da Luz to $3250 at mentioned stadium in Home-made beer. $2400 on the average turn out. The general capacity of all ten stadiums is equal to 379 thousand persons - almost 4 % of the population of Portugal. We multiply figures and
Money serious, but basically the comprehensible price $909,6 million is received for ten modern stadiums. More precisely, it it would be possible to consider that if it was clear that with these stadiums to do then. After all, as it is paradoxical will sound, to Portugal where popularity of football does not cause doubts where one only daily sports editions three (any European country cannot brag of such indicators), on stadiums not so - that like to go. According to the data of Federation of football of Portugal, average attendance of matches of national superiority makes all 6 thousand person. And only games with participation of grandees - Porto, Benfica and Sporting - collect full arenas, other commands should play at thin tribunes.
and as in such situation to beat off the expenses suffered, for example, on erection 30 - tysjachnika in the Headlight where, by the way, the Russian national team should spend two matches, absolutely not clearly. All population of a city makes hardly probable 40 thousand persons. There are still any small towns in district and resorts on coast. The city authorities, truth, are assured that they will manage to pay back expenses, carrying out on any arena entertaining actions. But, probably, they give out wished for the valid. The same situation and with the majority of other stadiums.

how to earn on tourists
However expenses on arenas - only a part of that Portugal has been compelled to incur. According to official figures, the general expenses taking into account the money which has gone on modernisation of a transport and hotel infrastructure, have made an order 4 mlrd ($4,8 mlrd). And, as show polls, only 32 % of Portugueses believe that these expenses will benefit economy; the others or strongly doubt, or are assured of the return. And, it is necessary to tell, correctly do. By estimates of UEFA, Portugal can count on inflow about $955 million basically at the expense of money of tourists which it will arrive a 1,5 million order
However, only, we will tell so, fast money - for those three weeks that the championship will proceed. To estimate long-term effect from injections in football and other infrastructure difficult enough. It is improbable that it will be very much essential. Certainly, after the European championship of Portugal it will be possible to modernise some the image and to become more attractive to tourists. Whatever one may do, and at present this country - and not without the bases - is considered boondocks of Europe, constantly remaining in the shadow considerably more untwisted Spain. Whether here only this fuse for a long time will suffice, to tell difficultly. After all in August in Athenes the Olympic Games which the scale will obviously block the European championship start.
the Portuguese government, basically agreeing with sad forecasts, nevertheless, notices that the European championship will do the country good. Simply because for five years everything has been made so much, how many in a usual mode of functioning of the state demands decades. And here it, perhaps, unique - the truth, very essential - plus on which Portugueses can count. If, of course, not to consider simple human pleasure of what will take place the European championship in your country on football.