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the Chronicle has put the scientist
In 1999 the director teplofizicheskogo the centre of Krasnoyarsk state technical university (KGTU) Valentine Danilov on behalf of high school has signed the contract with Vsekitajsky is export - the import company on manufacturing of the test bed and working out of the software for it. On February, 18th, 2001 the scientist has been detained by employees of FSB on charge in high treason (item 275 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) and placed in a pre-trial detention centre of Krasnoyarsk. On April, 29th, 2001 Danilov also have accused of swindle (item 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). On August, 14th, 2001 Danilov`s business is transferred in Krasnoyarsk regional court. On February, 6th, 2002 at the desire of Office of Public Prosecutor of the edge, wishing to expand “ volume of the charges shown to the scientist “ business is directed on additional investigation. On September, 27th, 2002 the court of the Central area of Krasnoyarsk has released Valentine Danilov under a subscription about nevyezde. On October, 29th, 2002 business is repeatedly directed to court. On December, 3rd, 2002 Krasnoyarsk krajsud has passed the decision on business returning in Office of Public Prosecutor. On May, 16th, 2003 Krasnoyarsk krajsud again has returned business in Office of Public Prosecutor because charge did not concretise, what secret was divulged by the scientist. On July, 23rd, 2003 VS the Russian Federation were satisfied with the protest of public prosecutors on this decision. On September, 3rd, 2003 Krasnoyarsk krajsud has satisfied the petition of protection of the scientist for a legal investigation with a jury. The legal investigation in essence on October, 3rd, 2003 has begun. On December, 29th, 2003 the court has justified the physicist on both points of charge. On January, 6th, 2004 the Office of Public Prosecutor has submitted the appeal on the verdict of “not guilty“.